Carpet Cleaning Articles

Looking for a few tips or some insight into Commercial Steam Team? These Carpet Cleaning articles may help with your carpet cleaning needs, and they may answer some of your common questions about steam cleaning and professional carpet cleaning:

  • Benefits of Redoing a Carpet Cleaning Job
    Last year our total number of redo’s was only 1.25%, and that is after asking every single client about the jobs that we did and scheduling a redo every time the client was not completely satisfied. Overwhelmingly, those same clients were happy with the redo and the fact that we care about our clients and the job we do for them. Read More >>
  • Cleaning Up After Pets
    Pets are often a source of comfort in our lives, but on occasion that comfort can turn into a trial as well. We are often asked from both residential owners and commercial building managers to make sure that we get the pet urine or pet odor out of the carpet or how to clean dog vomit from the carpet. When animals get stressed or ill sometimes things can happen. After you take care of the immediate problem you’re faced with removing cat urine in carpets or even pet stains from feces and urine.Read More >>
  • Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota
    Northern climates harbor some special challenges for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Minnesota is a case in point. Ask any commercial carpet cleaner in MN and they can tell you there is one big surge every year, and that’s in the spring as snow melts and the weather warms. This is natural given the extreme cold of the winter; most people don’t want to think about contracting or subcontracting commercial carpet cleaning in the middle of the winter, and the underlying thought is that the snow protects feet from mud, grease, and grime. Read More >>
  • Motivating Employees With Redo’s and Rewards Since redo’s are one indicator that quality may be a concern, and since we will always do a redo if the clients is not satisfied in every way, we encourage our employees to avoid the necessity of a redo. We accomplish this by awarding our crews with a bonus when they have less than 2% redo’s in a month, and double it when they have no redo’s at all! Read More >>
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning
    Comparing carpet cleaning companies can be challenging, and it boils down to more than just commercial carpet cleaning rates. Professional carpet cleaning means the company shows up on time with a highly professional appearance, disturbs nothing, and does a high-quality professional cleaning. Read More >>
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal
    Our family owned and operated carpet cleaning company has been cleaning stains and spills in Twin Cities homes since 2003. We can help get your carpets and rugs sparkling for an upcoming event or help remove the scent or spots your puppy or cat has lovingly left behind. Read More >>
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
    Commercial Steam Team provides both commercial and residential carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Read More >>
  • Why Quality Control is Essential For Our Business
    Quality control in Carpet Cleaning Services has been a huge benefit to Commercial Steam Team. This benefit has been two ways – for our clients in ensuring they have the best possible experience with our carpet cleaning and for us as well. Read More >>

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