Why Are Pet Pee Stains So Hard To Remove From Carpets?

Animal urine is made up of a combo of water, enzymes, urea, uric acid, cholesterol and other trace chemicals – with a yellow pigment. When a cat or dog pees, the liquid that comes out is an acid, but after 12 hours this acid begins transformation to an alkaline due to bacteria.  The salt produced from the alkaline mixes with the yellow pigment and causes the yellow coloring or stains that are sometimes visible on floors.

The most important thing you can do with cat or dog urine spots is get the pee removed as quickly as possible.

The longer urine is left on a rug or carpet, the harder removal becomes.  The ammonia that grows in animal urine can cause color changes, especially if there are blue or cool tones in the flooring.  It is important to note this because it sometimes can appear like a carpet cleaner cannot fix an old “stain”    -even though the carpet is clean – because the stain is actually a color change that has taken place within the carpet or rug fibers.

Another factor with animal pee stains is the scent left behind.   This awful smell is produced by the ammonia and bacteria mentioned above, and if they are not killed off the right way, the smell will get worse when around moisture.  This is why a home or a floor with pets can smell worse on a humid Minnesota day or when wet.  Urine also soaks down into the carpet backing or the pad, and can be hard to remove by hand.

Bacteria must be removed to clean a carpet or floor with dog or cat urine on it properly.

Many of the carpet cleaning products available in stores are meant for stains, so they only deal with the color left behind when an animal pees.  This makes for a clean looking home, but not a clean smelling one.  An enzymatic cleaner or disinfectant, like the one Commercial Steam Team uses when cleaning, must be used to accomplish removal of the spot and the smell.  A professional carpet cleaner with high quality steam trucks and equipment mixed with an enzymatic cleaner reaches deeper into carpet to kill the bacteria lurking beneath.

Are you dealing with pet stains from a cat or dog?  Call Commercial Steam Team today at 952-224-7222.




Five Star Review From Actual Customer:

Thomas Priebe
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

These guys were fantastic! The customer service was amazing, they were fast, professional, and effective – I didn’t think they could get all of the pet stains out, but they DID!

How Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Helps Against Covid-19.

Not everything is known yet about the disease known as the Corona Virus or Covid-19.  However, of the information we do know, carpet and upholstery cleaning and sanitizing is helpful.

Here are a few of the ways:

  • Cleaning at temperatures above 140 degrees begin to kill bacteria. The higher the temperature, the higher the percentage of bacteria is killed.

  • Applying an anti-bacterial enzyme deodorizer will eat away organic bacteria.

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning sucks up the majority of dust and other allergens from carpet, chairs, mattresses, and other fabric surfaces.

How do these help in the fight against Covid-19?

  • By killing organic bacteria through heat and live enzymes, you are less likely to get sick from those bacteria. As a result, if you do get sick from Covid-19, your body will be more equipped to focus it’s attention on The Corona Virus, instead of fighting off what you caught from your dirty carpet or upholstery.

  • It has been documented that people with other asthma and other respiratory issues are placed in the high risk category of the corona virus. By removing dust and other allergens from the carpet and upholstery, your indoor air quality is improved. As a result, asthma flare-ups and other allergy related respiratory issues are reduced as well.

Of course we cannot promise that The Corona Virus known as Covid-19 will be eliminated by carpet or upholstery cleaning.  What we are saying is that, based on what we have learned so far, a healthy body, especially the respiratory system, seems to be a big factor in how severe the effects of Covid-19 are on those that come down with it.  Both Homes and Businesses can benefit greatly from clean carpet, upholstery and higher air quality in the best of times.  Right now, during the fight against Covid-19, carpet and upholstery is a great investment in health, wellbeing and piece of mind.

Why Use Professional Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Hot Water Extraction has been the primary carpet cleaning method since 1947. Many people call it “Steam Cleaning”. It is simply a pressure washer that is followed by a vacuum to dry it.  The strength of equipment varies from little rental portables like Rug Doctors, to powerful machines that run directly off of the V8 (8 cylinder) engine.

Though it seems silly to lump those together into one category, that is exactly what companies do that try to compete with Hot Water Extraction.  These companies use statistics gathered from janitors and homeowners who rent small machines without training and try to do the job of highly trained professionals themselves.  Many of these people leave the carpet wet (it should never be left more than damp to the touch).  Wet carpet can take days to dry and if damp for more than 36 hours in ideal circumstances carpet can mildew (I recommend adding an enzyme deodorizer to the rinse that feeds on mold and mildew. this prevents its growth if something were to go wrong) .

Real professionals know to leave the carpet as dry as possible.  If they don’t then they find out very shortly after starting their business when the phone calls come pouring in wondering why the carpet sloshes beneath their feet.

The other mistake made by non-professionals is the use of oil based products.  Professionals by and large stopped using oil based products many years ago because it was discovered to attract dirt to the areas most heavily worked on.  This just made the carpet look worse within months of the cleaning.  It is also important to rinse the carpet with a rinse that will balance the ph. Level. Left unbalanced, the carpet will also rapidly re-soil.  Some professionals still make that last mistake.

Hot Water Extraction, when done by professionals still remains the safest method of carpet cleaning to this day.  Like any industry like this, be sure to find a company you feel you can trust.  It’s a safe adage that if the price seems too good to be true than it probably is.  There is not a lot of room for profits in the carpet cleaning industry, so if you cut your prices too far they need to be made up for somewhere else.

The final mistake that most do-it-yourselfers make is the rotary brush, or pad systems.  Most dry cleaning methods are this way.  They push down the dirt to the backing where it still causes problems and they don’t fully rinse out their cleaning agents.  They also add wear and tear to the areas that already have it.  The dirtier the area the harder they need to scrub the carpet and the more residue they leave behind.  This can unravel the carpet fibers as well.

Always make sure to work witha knowledgeable professional to ensure the best life for your carpets and the healthiest experience for those that live, play, and work on them!

Chemical Buildup in Carpet

Chemical Buildup in Carpet

There are many carpet cleaning products on the market, and several strategies used to clean carpets. Dry chemical cleaning is a commonly used technique. In effect, chemicals are used to clean the carpet, but not all of the chemical is extracted from the carpet during the process.

Some experts say that, depending on the chemicals and equipment used, as much as 75% of the chemical can remain in the carpet. This results in chemical buildup over time.

This buildup has a negative impact that is counter-intuitive. Most chemicals work by bonding with the soils in the carpet, thus allowing both the chemical and the soil to be extracted. Unfortunately, this process does not stop when the cleaner leaves the premises. Instead, the chemicals continue right on bonding and locking in dirt, and can actually make your carpet dirtier over time.

This is why steam carpet cleaning is so much better for your carpets! Give us a call today and let’s get started. 952-224-7222

Russ Zakariasen Jr. cst shirt, desk

The History of Commercial Steam Team

cat on carpet cleaning

Cleaning Up Carpet After Pets

Store-bought or homemade remedies for pet stain and smell removal from carpets generally don’t penetrate deeply enough in carpets. Cleaning pet urine from carpet using these tools can be a long frustrating process. Even when you think its done in a few days the smell can come back because the scrubbing doesn’t penetrate into the carpet padding, and in fact makes the problem worse by forcing the urine further down into the carpet. To remove pet urine smell you have penetrate into the carpet without driving the problem deeper.

Eventually after several carpet cleaning attempts using different products you may find a combination that appears to work, but forcing the urine so deep into the carpet that you can’t smell it as strongly can actually cause more problems. This is because some of the urine still remains, encouraging the growth of bacteria. Later when you vacuum you then blow these germs into the air.

The solution is a deep cleaning with an environmentally friendly hot water extraction cleaning.

Go here to learn more.

Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Help the Air Quality in Homes?

Yes. Professional carpet cleaning is good for the air quality in your home. 

In fact, it is a necessary part of the yearly upkeep needed in a home to keep carpets, rugs, and furnishings not only looking good (as people often believe carpet cleaning is for), but also “working” to their highest potential.  To understand what is meant by the term “working,” let’s concentrate on one false but pretty commonly held belief. 

“If someone in your family suffers from allergies or if you want good air quality you should have no carpet.”

This is not true!  And, you do not have to take just our word on that (we do clean carpets after all).  According to recent studies the specific hot water steam extraction carpet cleaning method used by Commercial Steam Team actually plays a part in making carpet a better choice than hardwood or tile for families that have asthma or allergy sufferers! This comes from the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) who presented that when homes with hardwood or carpet were compared, the homes with cleaned and vacuumed carpets consistently showed less levels of airborne allergens in the air than those without, and that was even when the carpet was tampered with.

This completely makes sense when you imagine indoor spaces and the air movement within. Things like dust, pet or human hair, dander, and who knows what else are constantly falling off and collecting on the floor and in the air.  In the case of a hardwood or tile floor, there is nothing to trap or hold the dust and dirt, so as people move around it gets reswept back up into the air and then breathed in by our family members. However, if there is a carpet or rug, there is something for the falling and floating items to attach to, filter down into, and get stuck in. The fibers in carpet actually act like a magnet and hold onto the dirt so our families don’t end up with it in their noses and lungs.

Obviously, clean air with carpet can have a breaking point.  A person needs to take care of their floors to keep the air quality ok with or without carpet.  But, the good news here is, if you love the look and feel of carpet, it is okay to have it!  With the regular upkeep of rugs, carpets, and furnishings the air quality in your home will be good. Regular upkeep includes vacuuming once or twice a week using a good vacuum with a strong HEPA filter. Then once a year or more as needed; hiring out a deep, steam cleaning from a professional carpet cleaner who can use their equipment to reach thoroughly into the carpet and fibers to remove the dirt, dust, and allergens trapped inside.

The best way to clean carpets is the way we do it at Commercial Steam Team.

We use top of the line truck mounted equipment that heats the water temperature before it is used on your carpets to over 210 degrees. Our hot water extraction system leaves zero residue, which is something not all carpet cleaning methods do. Residue like soap that is left on carpet will eventually begin to collect dirt and can lead to faster wear and tear on carpet. Our team also uses a state of the art organic live enzyme deodorizer that actually eats bacteria to eliminate the cause of odors and allergens in the carpet with no lingering chemical smell.

If you don’t know where to start or have more questions about stains or how to best keep different kinds of carpets or flooring clean, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! 952-224-7222

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is Vital for Minnesota Businesses

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners in the Twin Cities

Are there Bed Bugs in Your Carpet?

Have you been experiencing little bites or unexplained rashes? Are you noticing damage to your carpets, textiles, and clothing?

You may want to read this article and see if you might have one of these common annoying pests.

Carpet Cleaning Testimonial CPM Property Group

We recommend Commercial Steam Team for your carpet cleaning needs. We have been using their services for a number of years. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer competitive pricing. Not only is Commercial Steam Team great at what they do, but the staff is friendly and professional. Thank you for all you do!
John Scheffert
CPM Property Group, LLC

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for green tips for cleaning up after pets, this method is one of the most friendly. All of our cleaning agents are biodegradable and hypoallergenic as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheets on every product.
Read more about how friendly our carpet cleaning is.

Testimonial from Erik M

We had these guys out to clean our carpets and Arlando impressed my impossible to please wife! Ryan and Russ are two great people who have built an extremely reputable business with essentially no advertising. Only way to do that is by executing at a very high level and these guys do! In my business I refer clients to Commercial Steam Team several times a month.
Erik M.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Rated Superior to Others

An independent research team found in 1972 that the “steam extraction method” using hot water was superior to all other types of carpet cleaning. In fact, in 1988 DuPont required that this method be used for their Stainmaster carpets. Read more here.

Testimonial from Kari Mortensen

They did a fantastic job. My carpets look great and Arlando, our tech, was fantastic!
Kari Mortensen.

Carpet Cleaning Testimonial from Mortgages Unlimited

This company does an incredibly thorough job – I recommend them to all of my clients who purchasing a new home with existing carpet. They are outstanding! I love the positive attitude, professionalism and attention to detail of this company’s employees!
Jackie LaLonde
Mortgages Unlimited

Retail Steam Cleaners Can Damage Carpet

Be careful with retail steam cleaners and your carpet. Too much heat is not good, and some retail steamer products can damage or destroy your carpet. Professional steam cleaners do not use steam to clean your carpet, despite the name. Instead, they use hot water extraction. Read more about tips and info on cleaning your carpet.

Testimonial from Derc T

I have a home office and was dreading having someone come in to clean my carpets because I thought it would interfere with my day. To my surprise, the Commercial Steam Team was in and out and I almost didn’t even notice they were here. They did a great job and even spent extra time on my high traffic areas. My white carpets looked new when they were finished. The best part was they were able to schedule me exactly when I wanted them here. Their team was clean and professional. A+!!
Derc Teschler

Commercial Steam Team

Carpet Cleaning Tips

A few quick carpet cleaning tips for Minnesota winters:

  1. Looking for health benefits? Use hot water extraction carpet cleaning instead of dry carpet cleaning.
  2. Avoid chemical buildup – steam clean carpets every month during winter months.
  3. Clean spills immediately to minimize chemical bonding with carpet materials.
  4. Blot spills, do not scrub them.
  5. Call Commercial Steam Team for a bright clean carpet.

Click here to read more about winter chemicals and cleaning tips.

Testimonial from Mary C

I give them high ratings! (5 stars on Service, Total Experience, and Will Recommend)
Commercial Steam Team was wonderful. They came to help clean up after my dog multiple times because she had diarrhea from her medication. They had to come three times.
Mary C.
Farmington MN

Road Chemicals Are Dangerous

Keeping your carpet clean during a Minnesota winter can be a lot more important than you might think.
In particular, road de-icing chemicals are a health and safety hazard waiting to happen.
The dust from magnesium chloride, one of the road de-icing agents used by the MDOT, has been cited in articles as a cause of electrical arcing on electrical systems and wiring failures on trucks. In home and office environments this chemical and others can blow into the air where it can settle on electrical components or be sucked in by computer fans, potentially causing failure.
Another de-icing chemical, potassium acetate, can cause serious health and safety issues.

Read more about these and other topics here.

Keep your carpets clean and safe with regular steam cleaning.

College Street Beverage Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern: We would like to introduce you to the Commercial Steam Team people. They have been cleaning the carpets in our office area for the past several years. Their service has been impeccable and they always meet the schedule that has been agreed upon.

We are writing this recommendation in the event you need to have any carpet cleaning done in your establishment. This is an unsolicited voluntary endorsement. If you are considering having any carpet cleaning done at this time we would highly recommend Commercial Steam Team.

Commercial Steam Team has agreed to give you the same pricing they have given us. They will also provide free deodorizer for you establishment if you decide to utilize their carpet cleaning services. They can be reached at 952-224-7222.

If you would like to speak to us regarding their service and and desire to satisfy their customers please contact us.

Christopher Sawyer, President
Jim Sawyer, CEO
College Street Beverage
(507) 645-4106

ECM Publishers Testimonial

Russ, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the professionalism of Joseph and Ryan who cleaned our carpets recently. Many carpet cleaning companies can do a good job with the cleaning, but it’s rare to find employees like yours who are friendly, informed, and so obviously enjoy doing the work. You are very lucky to have both employees. I look forward to working with you again next year.

Ginny Lee
ECM Publishers, Inc.
Specialty Publications
Coon Rapids

Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

According to the Mayo Clinic cold or flu germs can live outside of the body anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours or more. Germ droplets from a sneeze or cough can be deposited on a hard surface like stainless steel, plastic or wood and stay active longer than germs on fabric, carpet and other soft surfaces.

A handshake is the most common way to catch a cold or the flu, but there are many other ways of catching a cold or flu, including touching a surface that an infected person touched and then wiping your nose, rubbing your eyes, biting your nails or eating something without washing your hands.

The easiest way to prevent catching germs are frequent hand washing with soap and water and using an alcohol based sanitizer.

Let us know if we can help keep your carpet germ free and healthy for your family and guests – Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222.

Candles and Carpet

In the fall and winter we tend to make our homes cozier by burning candles. Candles come in wonderful holiday and winter scents such as cinnamon, pine, and pumpkin and can make your house smell holiday fresh.

It’s a good idea to use a glass plate under a candle called a charger to prevent wax from overflowing and ruining furniture and carpet.

Most candle makers say not to leave candles burning unattended. Leaving a candle to burn unattended can cause a variety of undesirable outcomes such as fire or wax dripping on furniture, fabrics or carpet.

If you have an area where wax dripped onto your carpet give us a call and we can tell you the best way to handle this dilemma. Call Russ or Ryan at Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222.

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Kwanzaa from now until Jan 1.

Happy Chanukah/Hannukah

Happy Chanukah/Hannukah from Commercial Steam Team!

Winter Carpet Care for Facilities Managers

Now that it is cold outside more people are catching colds, the flu and viruses. If you manage a commercial building where many people visit every day such as a medical building, school or daycare it is important to steam clean carpet in the building to kill bacteria and germs to keep visitor and employees of the building healthy.

By regularly steam cleaning commercial carpets you also prevent the buildup of dirt and smells.

Thinking of having your commercial carpet cleaned? Give us a call for a free estimate and ask about our after business hours scheduling. Yes, we clean carpets at night when it’s more convenient for you at no extra charge.

Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222.

Vikings Giveaways, Free Gear and Prizes

Lots of great stuff going on if you are a Vikings fan. Follow the following links for free Vikings gear, promotions and cool prizes.

Win Vikings gear – # PURPLEFRIDAY just submit your photo here http://www.vikings.com/fans/purple-fridays.html

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For Vikings game schedule visit http://www.vikings.com/schedule/season-schedule.html

Today is Pearl Harbor Day

Please remember the valiant sacrifices that our men in uniform have made and continue to make.

New Challenges Testimonial

“Hi Russ, Your team is doing a fabulous job cleaning our carpets! Thanks so much for your consistency and perfection.”
Sue Fries
Eagan, MN

Fresh Cleaned Carpet For Holidays

As it gets colder your family spends more time inside your home. If you have kids they usually like to sit on the floor and play video games or watch TV. Now is a good time to clean your carpet since you’ll be spending so much time inside. With the holidays coming up your home will smell clean and fresh.

Give us a call before our winter rush Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222.

Embassy Suites Testimonial

“Thank you again for doing such a great job cleaning the carpeting in our restaurant, bar and banquet space – it looks awesome! Pat, the Chief Engineer for our hotel, took notice as well and he asked me to pass your contact information on to him to possibly do work for the hotel side.”
Tonya Underdahl
Bloomington, MN

Fireplace Safety

Many of our customers have fire places in their homes and when the air outside gets chilly there is nothing like getting cozy next to a warm fire. Before you start using your fireplace or wood stove for the season it is a good idea to call a chimney sweep to clean your chimney. Soot, sap and carbon ash build up in chimneys so they need annual cleaning. If they do not get cleaned there is danger of a chimney fire.

Soot and ash can also be spilled on carpet next to the mantle and resist being vacuumed. We can help get the stains out of your carpet with steam cleaning. Give us a call for a free estimate; we’d love to talk to you. Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222

Juan R. Testimonial

Great, very good.

This is not the first time that Commercial Steam Team has provided their carpet cleaning services. They do a good job with everything every time, so I know that we hire them that they’re going to do quality work.

The people who come do a good job and they’re friendly. If something happens to go wrong, I know that we can always call them back and they’ll come back and fix it without any problems. Overall, it’s always been a great experience with them.

Juan R.
Minneapolis, MN

Eric M. Testimonial

They even impressed my wife!

Commercial Steam Team does a wonderful job. They came in to do my carpets, and did so on time. The technician was very courteous, and he really knew what he was doing. Their work even impressed my wife, and she has some pretty high standards. I have already recommended them to my friends, and would recommend them to anyone else!

Eric M.
Shakopee, MN

CST Quality Control Means The Best Job For You

Did you know that we have a Quality Control System in place at CST? Aimed at making sure that every job we do is the BEST job, our Clean Carpet Quality Control (CCQC) System has been in place for years, and monitors every aspect of each project.

From initial calls and scheduling, through the actual project itself and even to follow-up calls to ensure everything met or exceeded your expectations, CCQC is here to make sure that you are completely happy with our work.

Since we build our business based on referrals, its critical to us that everything is perfect for you. How else can we get more referrals!

Read about our CCQC program here, and please send us referrals – it helps us grow even stronger and better at what we do!

Zander Real Estate Testimonial

“My sellers used Commercial Steam Team and [you] did an awesome job! She can’t stop talking about how much better her carpets are than when they used Zerorez a few months ago. Thanks for making me look good – yet again Russ!”

Zander Real Estate Team
Eagan, MN
Cathy Zander

Massage Envy Testimonial

“Hi Ryan,
Thank you for doing a great job cleaning our carpets again! Your company always does excellent work and makes the process easy for me.
Thank you.”

Massage Envy
Lake Calhoun

Making Fleas Flee

Fleas are an annoying and dangerous pest that can make life miserable. Not only can they be difficult to get rid of, but in some cases the cures can seem almost as bad as the problem. Of course, since fleas carry a number of diseases such as typhus; pneumonic, septicemic, and bubonic plagues; spotted fever; bacteremia; endocarditis; bacillary angiomatosis; and peliosis hepatis, as well as being a carrier for the Hymenolepiasis tapeworm, getting rid of them is a priority.

Fleas are often brought into the home on a pet and they rapidly set up housekeeping. Within 10 minutes they can decide to infest other animals and people, and then it can be no time until a full epidemic is underway.

Most treatment strategies involve insecticides, which should immediately inspire you to caution, since insecticides are generally neurotoxins, which means they attack the brain and central nervous system. This can be especially problematic in households with pregnant mothers and children.

For other treatments, including some that are non-toxic, read our article on What’s Living In Your Carpet?

Performance Office Papers Testimonial


As you know we had our carpets cleaned this past Friday.  They were a “mess” to say the least and I want you to know that we are pleased with the job that was done.  The carpets look great.

I was not here when the carpets were being cleaned, but I was told by my co-worker that the cleaning techs, Jeff and Louie,  were very nice, thorough, and professional.

Thank you and them for the good job!

Jo Knutson

Performance Office Papers

Lakeville, MN

Best of Rosemount Award

We recently won the 2014 Best of Rosemount Award for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!


Are You Under Attack By Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are an often overlooked pest that can cause a range of problems.

The greatest impact that carpet beetles have is on products of animal origin such as furs, woolens, and feathers. Overall, in most cases they are much more common and more damaging to fabrics than clothes moths.

Carpet beetles also can infest dried food products in your pantry. They are generally less damaging than many other pests in this area because they reproduce slowly (about one generation per year), they can nevertheless be a recurring problem since annual migrations can bring them back year after year.

Carpet beetles can also cause red bite-like welts on your skin. Since the beetles are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale, they are often found in beds, particularly feather pillows. Unlike bed bugs, carpet beetles do not bite. The reason for the welts is that some people are allergic to carpet beetles. In particular, the long hairs on carpet beetle larvae can penetrate into the skin and trigger the allergic reaction. These hairs can even go through fabric. If other people live in your house and they are not experiencing these welts, this is a good indication that the problem could be carpet beetles rather than bed bugs, since bed bugs would tend to bite everyone indiscriminately.


  • Discard clothing items that have been heavily damaged
  • Wash clothing in hot soapy water
  • Steam clean your carpets

For more information on pests that can live in your carpet, read our article on What’s Living In Your Carpet?

Ellis Properties Testimonial


Good afternoon!

I just wanted to say Thank You again for the flawless service! The guys did a fantastic job yesterday and ‘field’ Ryan was kind enough to give me a little walk-through when they were done to let me know how everything went. They did fantastic and quick work and I think my boss is going to be very pleased with the results. (Your dad was perfect in his guess on how it would go!)

So I just wanted to say thanks again for yours and everyone’s time, we really appreciate it! If there’s any way I can be of help, please just let me know, otherwise I look forward to getting the chance to work with you again!!



Michael Erickson
Ellis Properties, LLP

How to Vacuum Litter

Start by using the hose with the corner attachment. This will give you the highest suction power possible. Hover over the area to be cleaned to pull up as much material as possible. (Avoiding contact with the carpet will avoid driving the litter deeper into the carpet.)

Do not use the broom or brush attachment, since these will also drive the litter deeper into the carpet. Similarly, a hand vacuum is to be avoided if possible.

When done, apply a carpet deodorizer so that the kitty won’t decide that this is a new litter box.

If your cat does decide to use the floor as a litter box, give us a call so that we can get out those deep-rooted smells!

For more information on cat litter and your carpet, read our article!

When Should Office Carpets Be Steam Cleaned?

Do you manage an office building or are you in charge of having your office carpets cleaned? If so, do you know how often they should be cleaned?

Office buildings should have their carpets steam cleaned every 6 months to a year depending on the number of employees and the conditions they walk in on the way to the building entrance.

If you’d like to learn more about how often to clean commercial carpet, visit our page commercial carpet cleaning schedules.

Dog Feet and Carpet

Now that it’s summer you will be spending more time outdoors with your pets. Keeping your carpet clean after your outings is simple if you remember to remove your shoes before entering the house.

You can’t take off your dog’s shoes but you can have a prep area where paws can be cleaned.

When your dog comes back from an outing you can use a very soft paw brush and a clean cloth to remove debris before it is tracked onto carpet. If it is a particularly muddy or rainy day you can place a dishpan or low bucket by the door and dip each paw to get the mud off first.

Regardless of the weather, many homeowners, associations, and multi-unit managers spray herbicides and pesticides on lawns and around shrubs. Pesticides in particular are neuro-toxins, meaning that they attack the central nervous systems of any animals that breathe or ingest them. This mean that if your dog cleans it’s feet after walking across treated areas then it can be ingesting poisons that can cause brain damage, so you may wish to rinse your dog’s paws even on nice days to keep your pet safe. This will also help keep these same pesticides and herbicides from being deposited into your carpet where you or your children may be exposed.

A little prep work can help your pet’s paws stay clean and your carpet clean.

If we can help clean your carpet please call Russ or Ryan at Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222

Things to Do with Kids in Minneapolis

There are lots of fun kid things to do all over Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. We’ve put together a list that we hope you’ll enjoy!


Minnesota Zoo May 24th – September 1

Big Bugs exhibit featuring giant robotic bugs and a live bug display showcasing how bugs live and why they are important. Visit mnzoo.org


Science Museum of Minnesota – Open Tuesdays through Saturdays

It’s Dinosaurs in the exhibit galleries and Omnitheatre. Visit smm.org


Three Rivers Parks – Open Daily

Beaches, dog parks, boating, disc golf, geocaching, biking, fishing, hiking, nature education and play areas. Lots of activities to do for free in Hennepin County. Visit threeriversparks.org

Commercial Steam Team wishes you a fun filled summer!

Restaurant Bathrooms Shine

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant where every detail went into the presentation until you walked into the bathroom? Restaurant bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Customers notice little things like the bathroom and often form an opinion on the cleanliness of the kitchen based the cleanliness of the bathroom. This can determine whether they want to visit your restaurant again.

Many finer restaurants understand that restrooms should shine and make a good impression. Grease, food and dirt can build up on tile and grout and take on a pungent smell making bathrooms less than pleasant.

Did you know that Commercial Steam Team can clean grout and tile and make them sparkle? Better still, we can do this while we’re cleaning your carpets, upholstery, and cubicle walls!

Call us today at 952-224-7222 for a free estimate!

Commercial Carpet Emergencies

This time of year is when you get heavy traffic on commercial carpets and exposure to more dirt, spills and stains. It is good to know that in case of a carpet disaster you can count on us to save the day! Whatever your emergency we can help, even scheduling cleanings in the evening during less busy times.

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Buffet and Banquet Carpet Cleaning for Motels and Hotels

Banquet rooms get used for seminars, parties and corporate events that usually involve food and drink. Spills and accidents from guests happen frequently and may not get cleaned up right away leaving the banquet room carpet dirty and stained. It is important to have buffet carpet cleaned periodically to remove the food and drink spills. Check out our video of a buffet cleaning: click here to watch!

Commercial Steam Team has offered commercial carpet cleaning since the company began over ten years ago. We understand that it is important to have clean carpets and equally important that your business is not disrupted by carpet cleaning.

We use the highest quality equipment and have professionally trained staff to guarantee your carpet is cleaned to the highest standards. We also have flexible hours that include nights and weekends.

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Hotel Carpet Cleaning At Your Convenience

As summer approaches hotel carpets get heavier usage and dirt, spills and debris can be tracked in on footwear and luggage rollers. Most commercial grade carpets are durable and stain resistant but hotels get much more traffic compared to a typical office building and may need more frequent cleaning during the busy season.

We understand that taking time during your busy season to clean carpets can be difficult – that’s why we offer commercial carpet cleaning on both on and off hours. We work with your schedule so your business and your guests are not disrupted while we make your carpets clean.

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Why Does a Restaurant Smell Bad to Some People? Part Two

In our last post we talked about restaurant carpets trapping spills, grease and bacteria and producing bad smells. But there are several other areas of a restaurant where bad smells can come from such as mops, cleaning cloths and upholstery.

One of the biggest mistakes restaurants make is to use a mop that has been standing in a mop bucket that is not clean. Mop buckets should be prepared with hot water and proper degreasing cleaner before use. When done mopping the floor, mop buckets and mops should be rinsed in hot water to get all the grease and dirt out of them or else they quickly develop a rotten smell.

Another odor-producing place is dirty wiping cloths used to clean tables and booths. Cleaning cloths should be clean smelling and the bucket of sanitizer should be cleaned before the start of every shift or whenever dirty. Cleaning with a dirty cloth can make a restaurant smell bad and spread bacteria and germs.

Upholstery is another area that gets overlooked and where smells build up from grease, spills and bacteria. Restaurants that have upholstery on booth seats and walls require periodic steam cleaning as well to keep the restaurant clean and prevent those bad smells.

Remember that people get used to a smell and after a short period of time don’t even notice it any more. This means that your staff may be completely unaware of odors that may cause customers to leave or to never come back. Translation: make sure to use cleaning tools that are themselves kept clean, even if you think your customers won’t notice.

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Why Does a Restaurant Smell Bad to Some People? Part One

After reading restaurant reviews in Minneapolis you’ll find that customers not only judge service, quality and selection of food at a restaurant they also judge cleanliness. If you have bad smells in your restaurant it can ruin people’s dining experience. Smells can build up over time and you may not even notice it. It’s easy for your staff to get used to a smell and after a short period of time not even notice it any more. This means that they may be completely unaware of odors that may cause customers to leave or to never come back. Aside from that, people have different smell sensitivities and can be offended by smells.

There are preventative measures that restaurant managers can take to prevent smell buildup and provide an excellent dining experience.

The biggest part of a restaurant that can produce smells is the carpet. Food, drink and grease spills can get trapped in carpet and build up a terrible smell. One way to prevent this is to have your carpets steam cleaned periodically to remove all the grease, food, dirt and bacteria.

Steam cleaning under the tables and in the high traffic areas around the kitchen will not only prevent bad smells but also extends the life of restaurant carpet.

Check out how Commercial Steam Team cleans this restaurant buffet area: click here to watch the video./

Carpets can be steam cleaned after you close your restaurant and be ready to use within a few hours.

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Time to Get Rid of the Winter Buildup

After a long hard winter there are many things in your carpet. Food spills, skin cells, pet detritus, and de-icers are only the tip of the iceberg. This is quite literally true, because most of the damage is hiding invisibly down among the fibers of your carpet, down where it can feed mites and bacteria, creating health hazards and bad smells that you probably don’t even notice by now. Trust me, people that don’t experience your carpet every day can notice those smells.

A deep extraction steam cleaning is the diagnosis for this condition of winter yuck buildup. Steam cleaning will flush out those contaminants and leave your carpet fresh and clean.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to take care of the worst of spills without damaging your carpet. See our article on Carpet Stain Removal to learn more, but remember that the longer a stain lies on and in your carpet the more likely it is to become permanent.

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Hotel Carpet and Vacation Season

Minnesota has had a late spring and that has put most businesses behind schedule with getting the winter salt and sand out of their entrance ways and carpets. June is just around the corner; once schools close for summer people start traveling and the peak season for hotels start. It may be a good idea to get the winter salt out of your carpet before the busy season kicks in.

It’s also a great time to set up a regular cleaning schedule for your carpets! See our article on hotel carpet cleaning for help with scheduling.

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Protecting Hotel Carpet

Having your carpet treated with a carpet protector is a great investment. Once we clean your carpet have us apply a protector and if you act quickly you will be able to remove many stains that would otherwise set in.

Keep in mind that the longer it is before you act the more likely that the stain will become permanent, even with a protector applied, and no carpet is completely stain proof.

If you do have a spill, blot the stain with a dry white absorbent cloth or towel. Do NOT scrub the area!

Work from the outside-in to minimize spreading the stain.

If your spill is dry, vacuum the spill before trying other methods. If it is semi-solid, gently lift the staining material with a round spoon.

Carpet protectors will help improve the effectiveness of these strategies.

Carpet is Made in America

Did you know that, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute, 98% of carpet in use in the U.S.  is manufactured in the United States? Remember to keep your American-made carpet clean with a local American company – Commercial Steam Team!

Pet Odor Removal

Dogs and cats can bring such joy into your family and also some of the most difficult carpet odor, hair and stain problems.  We train our pets to behave indoors but occasionally there are accidents which have us looking for how to remove dog odor from carpet and asking, how do I get urine smell out of carpet?

There are many methods of pet odor removal and getting cat urine out of carpet so choosing the right carpet pet odor removal is important. For instance using ammonia when you are getting cat urine out of carpet only encourages the cat to urinate in that spot again. Ammonia is already in urine so you would not want to make this spot smell familiar by using more ammonia. There are many home remedies and products being sold that simply just don’t work.

When a cat or dog urinates on your carpet it’s best to act fast with an absorbent cotton cloth like a towel or if you are in a hurry a wad of paper towels. Wad up the towel and step on it to absorb as much liquid as possible change towels until there is no more liquid being absorbed. Next mix a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar to rinse the area so it penetrates to the fibers. Take a clean colorless towel or rag and blot out all the liquid until dry. Changing rags when they get wet will help soak up the spill quicker and prevent it from getting moldy when it dries.

Pet hair removers for the carpet such as a rubber fur removal brush sweeps pet hair away and can keep the majority of hair off furniture and carpets but it does not get it all off. Cat hair or longer dog hair is resistant to lint brushes so they do not work as well as a big piece of duct tape. Take a piece of duct tape and wind it around your hand and use it like a lint brush. You have heard that duct tape sticks to anything and it is the best quick hair removal tool. Pet hair has oil and dander on it and can cause odor if left unattended. By removing pet hair from furniture with a brush and by vacuuming carpet frequently you can keep carpet smelling cleaner.

The best way to remove pet odor and stains from pet urine is with a professional carpet cleaning from Commercial Steam Team. Call us today at 952-224-7222 to learn more!

Kids, Carpet, and Spring

It’s spring time, and with the welcome weather comes an unwelcome party crasher: mud! Oftentimes this unwelcome intruder brings along another unwanted guest when road salts and de-icers combine with dirt to make a particularly toxic mix.

Make sure you keep as much as possible of this unwelcome combination out of your home by encouraging children to use entrance mats, taking off footwear by the entrance, and quickly vacuuming what gets past these cautionary measures.

To further ensure that your home is healthy and safe, call Commercial Steam Team at 952-224-7222 to make sure your carpet is as clean as can be with our environmentally safe carpet cleaning!

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

It’s important to have a cleaning schedule for your hotel. Operating in a random-response format can not only shorten the life of your carpet, it can also adversely impact your business, since people often notice dirty carpet and go ‘on lookout’ for more evidence of a lack of cleanliness.

How often should you clean your carpet? According to Dalton Hospitality Carpet Mills, hospitality cleaning schedules should vary depending on traffic levels and types of contaminants.

Keep in mind that high-traffic areas like entrances and special locations such as in-house restaurants will require a different schedule than most hallways, for instance.

Here is a rough chart with vacuum and hot water extraction cleaning from Dalton:

Traffic Level   Vacuum                      Hot Water Extraction

Light                     2-3 times a week         Annually

Medium               Daily                              Twice a year

Heavy                   1+ times a day             Quarterly

Severe                   1+ times a day            Minimum Monthly / Weekly

Pet Owners – How To Cut Back on Litter

kittysmCats can be a joy and a comfort, and unfortunately they can also be a problem on occasion. One such occasion is when they track litter around the home or office.

Litter that is no longer ‘fresh out of the box’ is as we know not very sanitary, and having that spread around is not good. Clumping cat litter in particular is very trackable. Litter can spread germs and smells, and if enough builds up can be an inspiration to start a new kitty bathroom. Besides, it hurts to walk on litter in bare feet.

A quick solution for reducing most of this litter problem is simply to have a carpet remnant or sample on the approach to and under the litter box. These remnants are much easier to clean. (Just take them outside and shake and beat them out.) A medium length cut pile carpet is generally best for this purpose.

For more ideas on controlling litter issues, visit our page on Cat Litter and Carpet.

Dusty Drapes and Your Carpet

It can be frustrating to clean a carpet and have it be seemingly full of dust within a few days.

Many of the things in your home can collect dust and when you walk past that dust it gets stirred up in the air where it then falls back on furniture or on your carpet. Your carpet collects the dust that falls from the air and it gathers there until it’s vacuumed up. It’s a good idea to try to clean up these dusty areas before you vacuum.

One place where dust collects is on your drapes and curtains. Dusty drapes often get overlooked when we clean our house because they still often look clean. If you stand in the sunshine when you open your drapes you can see all the dust that is swirling in the air from the drapes.

Curtains and drapes collect a huge amount of dust and dirt over time and distribute it every time the drapes are moved. By regularly cleaning your drapes you can help cut down on dust on your furniture and dust build up on carpets.

It’s important when cleaning drapes to follow the manufactures directions on the tag on how to clean them. Curtains typically can be machine washed but always follow the directions on the tag as well.

Road Salt Stains In Carpet

In Minnesota we get lots of snow and ice so we use chemicals to melt ice on our sidewalks and roads.  Those winter chemicals can build up on your carpet leaving distinctive white rings when it dries.

Have you ever looked at your boots half way through winter and noticed a white chalky substance? This is from the chemicals used on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots to melt snow and ice. These chemicals build up on your footwear and get tracked in on your carpet. Calcium chloride and sodium chloride, also known as road salt, melt the snow and ice on the road. They also promote corrosion and rust on your car, so you can imagine what road salt will do to the carpet in your home.

Road salt or sidewalk de-icer is gritty and when in chunks can collect on the bottom of your shoes and be tracked indoors onto your carpet. Add melted snow and ice and these chemicals dissolve, allowing them to invisibly coat your shoes and boots. In this liquid form they then soak into your carpet and then leave a crusty white ring when they dry. Add road sludge to the mix and now you have dirty brown or black stains.

The best way to prevent road salt stains on carpet is by removing your shoes before entering your home.

One of the easiest ways to encourage this is to buy a boot tray. Then either buy a small rug that will fit inside the boot tray, or use a dark towel that you no longer want or need. Place the rug or towel inside the boot tray. This will absorb the water from the shoes and boots, wick it away, and allow the water to evaporate. That way you won’t have as much dirty residue deposited around the tray when you put your footwear back on.

Prevent Problems With Cat Litter in Carpet

cat on carpet cleaningThe simplest way to keep your kitty from tracking dirty cat litter into your carpet is to change the litter frequently. Once a cat’s litter becomes dirty the clumps may stick to their fur or between their toes and be tracked throughout the house.

To further minimize the spread of litter, place small carpet remnants or carpet samples under and around the litter box for at least a three foot distance. Whenever these carpet pieces become dirty with litter take them outside and shake and beat them out, or if this is not possible, then vacuum these pieces frequently.

For more great ideas read this article on keeping litter out of your carpet.

For the best in pet safe carpet cleaning call Commercial Steam Team today at 952-224-7222

How often should you clean your carpet?

Fiber producers and carpet manufacturers recommend that a residential carpet should be professionally cleaned at least every 6 to 12 months for best performance.  Soil that is not removed from the carpeting cuts and slices on the carpet fibers, breaking down the carpet yarn. The result is that even with restorative cleaning, it won’t correct the damage that has been carried out to the fiber.

If you are someone who has heard the phrase “Wait as long as you can prior to having your carpets cleaned..” or “Once you’ve cleaned your carpet, it’s never the same..”, these comments are a result of carpet cleaners that have left  the carpet  with an overload of detergent residue and heavy oils, that do not get completely extracted with some cleaning systems.  As a result, the new dirt is attracted back to the ‘old dirt’ and heavy oils that were brought to the surface during the cleaning process.  Once you walk around in the space for a few weeks, the carpet looks dirty again because the new dirt is attracted back to the old dirt.

In conclusion, carpet that is cleaned properly, every 6 to 12 months, will last longer and be healthier for the environment of your home.

Red Wine in Carpet

A red wine spill on carpet is very common. There are many do-it-yourself ways to remove red stains from carpet, but there are also many DIY solutions that can damage the carpet fibers or set the stain and ruin the carpet. Most carpets these days are stain resistant but you still need to treat the spill to minimize the damage.

Learn how to treat stains in your carpet by reading our article on Carpet Stain Removal.

Carpet Styles – Twist

This is actually a cut loop style of carpet, but with extra twist added to the fibers.

Also known as frieze carpet, this style gives a ‘modern’ look.

Frieze carpet is casual and durable.

See our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Carpet Styles – Cut Pile

Often called “cut loop” carpet, cut pile carpet is available under a wide range of names and brands.

Cut loop carpet is made by cutting off the tops of looped carpet. It provides a more refined loop than looped pile carpets. It also offers more options for the amount of twist in the carpet fibers.

There are different styles of cut loop carpets. Here are a few:

Textured provides a casual look, often with alternating twists of material providing a two-tone carpet. Because of this textured appearance it hides footprints and vacuum marks more readily than other styles.

Frieze carpet is tightly curled due to the extreme twisting of the fibers.

Saxony offers a refined look for traditional interiors.

Plush is dense and luxurious, but readily shows footprints and vacuum marks.

Textured Plush provides the benefits of textured carpet to the luxurious feel of plush.

See our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Carpet Styles – Cut and Loop

Also known as patterned carpet, this style combines loops and cut loops to allow for the creation of patterns in the carpet surface. This style of carpet is also sometimes called tip sheared or random.

More durable than cut styles and more elegant than most loops, patterned carpet represents a combination of elegance and practicality. It also hides stains and soil well and stands up to traffic.

This is a popular style of carpet and is available in a wide range of patterns.

See our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Carpet Styles – Loop Pile

Also known as Berber carpet, this is a great choice for high-traffic areas. This is because there are no exposed fiber ends to capture and wick dirt and contaminants.

Loop pile carpets are made using yarn that is uncut and looped at the same height. Although loop carpets can and do have different loop heights to create patterns, all loops within a pattern section typically have approximately the same height.

Different colors and types of carpet fiber can also be used to create patterning and vary durability and cost.

Loop carpets are generally easier to clean than carpet fibers that have been cut, because spills and soil tend to remain on the surface of the carpet rather than penetrate.

See our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Have You Checked Your Carpet Warranty?

Did you know that your carpet warranty requires you to do certain things?

For instance, Home Depot limited warranties require you to have your carpet cleaned every 12-18 months using the hot water extraction method (such as the one used by Commercial Steam Team).

They also recommend that you vacuum at least twice a week.

Stain and Soil Warranties can be even more specific, since coverage is limited to certain items that can cause the stain, and often exclude non-food and non-beverage items, for instance. Even here, many items that have strong dyes such as coffee, curry, mustard, and herbal tea are also not covered under soil and stain warranties. Be aware that bodily fluids are also typically excluded.

If you have a tough stain to get out or a carpet under warranty, call the professionals at Commercial Steam Team to make sure you can get the longest life for your carpet!

Carpet Materials – Wool

Looking for a carpet material that is elegant and luxurious? Then wool may be the carpet for you. Wool is more expensive than any other carpet, and is usually made from the hair of sheep, although alpaca, goats, and llamas are also used.

Wool carpet has an excellent “memory”, largely because the hairs grow in spirals allowing them to link together well when twisted into tufts.

Wool has several other advantages. Dust mites do not seem to care for it, it insulates well, and because it absorbs and releases moisture it can act somewhat as a natural humidifier. It is also made from a sustainable resource meaning that it is wool carpet is better for the environment than other carpet materials.

While wool carpet can last for decades, it requires high maintenance. This usually means professional cleaning as well, in order to catch and abate problems before they permanently damage the carpet.

Wool can absorb protein-based stains such as blood and meat. It’s also sensitive to coffee, tea and wine stains. On the other hand, the fibers tend to bend light, which can help hide mild stains.

Wool is more fire-resistant than synthetics, which can make it a good choice where there are smokers present.

Wool is susceptible to static-electricity, so wool is not a good choice for a room with computers.

Most wool carpets are now moth-proofed, but you should check with your supplier to make sure this is the case.

See our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.
As noted earlier, wool absorbs and releases moisture. In a moisture-rich environment this can be a decided disadvantage, as wool can absorb up to ten times its weight in water. This makes it susceptible to mold and mildew. As result it can pick up odors as well. If it does get wet it can shrink. It is often best used for area rugs rather than full-room carpeting.

Wool is best used in low-traffic areas, and is not a good choice for locations where children and pets are present.

Carpet Materials – Olefin

If you need a great indoor-outdoor carpet, then olefin may be the best option for you. The second-most common carpet in American homes, olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a stain-resistant, fade-resistant, moisture-resistant, and static-resistant colorfast synthetic carpet.

Olefin is often used for entryways. Because it is moisture-resistant and fade-resistant, olefin carpet is a good choice for porches and patios, and the moisture aspect also makes it a good choice for basements.

The static-resistance makes this a good selection for a room with computers.

Olefin is chemically inert and resists acid and bleach well, making it a good choice for laundry rooms and rooms with home aquariums, and for areas leading to or adjacent to swimming pools, such as changing rooms.

Olefin can be challenging to keep clean, because it attracts dirt. Even after drying, olefin tends to wick dirt from the base causing streaks and spots to reappear.

Olefin is very susceptible to heat, so much so that even dragging a piece of heavy furniture across olefin can leave scorch marks.

When choosing olefin, look for a carpet with loops. The loops can help avoid matting. Whether you choose loops or pile, look for a low carpet (loops or pile). This can help it resist crushing.

Olefin is generally the cheapest carpet available.

Trying to choose the right carpet? Read our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Carpet Materials – Acrylic

If you’re looking for a carpet that looks and feels like wool but is less expensive, you may want to consider acrylic carpet. Popular in the 1960’s, acrylic was marketed as a wool substitute and can be used for family rooms, recreation rooms, and finished basements. It is springy like wool and feels luxurious.

Acrylic carpet is moisture-resistant and fade-resistant and resists stains, soiling and mildew. It also resists static which can be a benefit in rooms with computers or other electronics.

On the other hand, acrylic is less durable than wool. It is easily stained by grease and oil. The fibers have a tendency to deteriorate resulting in pilling and a “fuzzy” appearance. These drawbacks make it most useful in low-traffic areas.

Acrylic is often blended with some degree of wool. You may see it with brand names such as Creslan, Acrilon, and Orlon.

For more information to help you find the right carpet, see our entire series on Choosing Your Carpet.

Carpet Materials – Nylon

Looking at new carpet for your home?

Nylon carpet is the most common form of carpet in American homes today. This synthetic fabric is resilient, durable and stands up well in high traffic areas. Because nylon is the hardest synthetic carpet fiber it resists wear and abrasion.  This makes it a great choice for entryways, living rooms, and finished basements, yet it shows well and is an excellent carpet for sunny areas, particularly with solution-dyed nylon which is colorfast.

Nylon carpet also holds its twist, (this is called yarn memory) so it won’t begin to look ‘frizzy’ for quite some time if ever. It’s both stain-resistant and crush-resistant, and is available in a wide range of colors, making it generally easy to match to your look you want for your home in general or for specific rooms.

Nylon carpet is also available unbranded. Unbranded carpets generally have less robust guarantees and warranties but still offer you the value and benefits of nylon carpet. Unbranded carpets are often selected by people planning to sell their home soon.

This is the third installment in our series on Choosing Your Carpet. Click here to see the entire series.

Carpet Materials – Polyester

Polyester carpets are good for low traffic areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms. It is a plush carpet that is soft and comfortable.

Polyester carpet is particularly stain-resistant and fade-resistant, making it a good choice in an environment where spills and stains may be frequent. This is a good choice for homes or pet hotels where pet urine may be an issue. Make sure to look at your warranty to find out which stains are covered. Hair dye, for instance, is generally NOT covered.

A large percentage of polyester carpets are made from recycled materials, particularly recycled water and soda bottles.

Polyester carpets retain their bright colors well.

This is the second in our series on Choosing Your Carpet. Click here to see the entire series.

See How Steam Cleaning Your Carpet Can Wow You

We recently cleaned a buffet and while we were there we shot this video of the actual cleaning.

No the video isn’t doctored and the scene wasn’t staged. In fact, we’d already started cleaning before it occurred to us that we could take a video!

Click here to see our Buffet Cleaning Video!



Choosing the Right Color for Your New Carpet

This article on carpet colors begins our Choosing Your Carpet series. In the weeks ahead we will cover carpet materials, types of carpet, padding, and many other important topics to help you find the right carpet to install in your home.

We have a few tips for you when planning your new carpet that can help you get the perfect carpet for you.

Of course, an important considerations is color. Aside from picking a color you like, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • If you’re planning to sell soon, then you may wish to choose a neutral color. It’s easier for people to visualize their furniture and style with a neutral carpet.
  • Do you like to redesign your decorating frequently? The neutral colors are the way to go. You’ll find it much easier to change furniture and accent pieces with a less polarized neutral color.
  • Carpet often (but not always) looks lighter when installed than it does in the store. Types of lighting, lighting orientation, volume of visible carpet, wall colors, space size, and much more can affect this. Keep this in mind when trying to match color depth and lightness.
  • Darker carpet can make a room feel smaller, while lighter can enhance a sense of openness and space. Do you want cozy or more space? Coming back to preparing to sell, buyers may not see the same ideas that you have in mind, so it may be better to give an impression of a larger room with lighter carpet.

Enjoy your new carpet, and when it’s time to clean and protect carpet, come to Commercial Steam Team. We know carpet!

The New American Carpet Industry

It was not until the late 1950’s that carpet began to be affordable for most people.  In 1950 most carpets were made out of wool on looming machines in carpet mills in the Northeast US. By 1960 that had changed completely and most carpets were now made out of tufted synthetics in the southeast US. This was in large part due to the development of Dupont BCF nylon – an inexpensive durable product that quickly achieved dominance in the US flooring market.

By 1970 there were over 400 carpet mills in production. The 1980’s recession changed that, and by 1992 there were only about 100 mills remaining, and about 80% of all production was consolidated into 4 companies led by Shaw Industries and Mohawk.

Today carpet remains the most popular floor covering choice in America.

American Carpet in the Early Years

The American carpet industry started in 1791 with William Sprague’s carpet mill in Philadelphia and for most of the next century skilled workers produced carpets with hand looms. Congress first began protecting the industry in 1816. By 1834 there were about 20 carpet mills producing about 1 million square yards of carpet. By 1850 that amount had risen to 116 mills producing 8 millions square yards. Carpet became greatly popular in the early years due to the poor quality of home floors at the time. The first power loom was created in 1839 by Erastus Bigelow, but it wasn’t until after 1870 that power looms began to replace hand looms and began to make carpets more affordable. Even then you needed to be fairly well off – at least part of the upper middle class – to be able to afford carpet.

Stay tuned for our next post to learn more about the history of carpet in the US.

Summer Baseball Fun

ballfieldIf you like to get out and play ball, do you know how many fields are in your community?

Here is a great directory of Minnesota ball fields from isport: Baseball Fields in Minnesota

Guess who shows up as having the most fields?

Disc Golf Season is Here!

It’s summer with sunny weather and great temperatures, and that means it’s a great time to play disc golf!

dgcarverIf you haven’t tried this great sport, you should know the cost of entry is minimal, there are courses everywhere, and it’s lots of fun!

Here are a few disc golf posts we made last year:

History and Resources
CST Loves Disc Golf!

Here is a directory from Disc Golf Scene: Minnesota Disc Golf Courses

And here is a search tool from the Pro Disc Golf Association: PGDA Disc Golf Search

Have a great disc golfing summer!

Trish Graham Testimonial

Chad and Joseph cleaned the carpet in my son’s townhouse. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to remove all the spots. The carpet looked wonderful. I will recommend the Commercial Steam Team to all my family and friends. Thank you for a job well done.
Trish Graham

JBL Property Management

This recommendation is from JBL property management (Daniel Bridges) (completely unsolicited)

Danielle Bridges has recommended your work as Owner at Commercial Steam Team carpet cleaners.

Dear Ryan,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “We have worked with Ryan multiple times over the last several years. Ryan’s flexibilty and willingness to work with our tenant’s schedules makes his service incredibly valuable to us. If I call him for a job, I know the work will be done quickly, efficiently and with little disturbance to our tenants.”
Service Category: Commercial carpet cleaning
Year first hired: 1999 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity


Spring Planting

The ground is still wet from all the rain and there are many plants available from local garden centers, so it’s a good time to put in a few annuals if you haven’t done so already.

Large retail chains usually carry plants from one or two national suppliers. These large suppliers provide massive numbers of the same plants year after year. As a result their plants and the soil they arrive in are often infested with pests and disease which can contaminate the rest of your garden. It’s usually a good idea to buy your plants from local garden centers to avoid these problems.

Here are a few:

Bloomington Garden Center
9407 Old Cedar Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55425

Holasek Greenhouses
8610 Galpin Boulevard, Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317

Tangletown Gardens
5353 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Mother Earth Gardens
3738 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis

Uncommon Gardens
5750 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis

Cal’s Market and Garden Center
6403 Egan Drive, Savage, MN 55378

Leitner’s Garden Center
945 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55102

Lilydale Garden Center
941 Sibley Memorial Hwy, West St Paul, MN 55118

Linder’s Garden Center
various locations

A Few Days Without Rain?

Are we finally going to have a few days to dry out? If so, this may be your best time to get the mud out of your carpets!

Winter de-icing chemicals, mud, dust mites…lots of unpleasant things can build up in your carpet over the winter and into a wet spring.

Now is a great time to clean out the built up goop! Give us a call and we can bring your carpets back to fresh and clean and ready for summer fun!

More Rainy Day Ideas

It looks like yet another wet day in the Minnesota. Here are some more ideas for wet days!

If you like Euro Games like Settlers of Catan, then visit the Fantasy Flight Event Center.
You can find games for sale and you can rent a game to play there. There are frequently lots of people playing games and you may be able to join a game.
Where:  1975 Oakcrest Ave #10, Roseville, MN 55113, (651) 379-3801
More info: Fantasy Flight Games Website

If you love art, visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, where you can see “The Age of Truthiness”, or attend the session on “Thinking Globally: Exploring Indian and Southeast Asian Art” this Thursday night at 7 PM.
Where:  2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 870-3000
More info: www.artsmia.org/

Want an evening of fun music? Want an opportunity to dance? Check out the music calendar at Famous Daves Calhoun BBQ & Blues Club for live bands such as the Root City Band and Lamont Cranston and events such as Free Swing Dance Lessons and Salsa Night.
Where:  3001 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408
More info: http://www.famousdavesbluesclub.com/music_events.html

Looking for somewhere to go with the kids? The Minnesota Children’s Museum is full of interactive learning and fun!
Where:  10 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102 (651) 225-6000
More info: www.mcm.org/

Rain Rain Rain

It looks like most of the next week will be wet throughout the Twin Cities. Do you have your rainy day activities planned?

Here are a few great theater companies to check out…

Chanhassen Dinner Theatre – ?www.chanhassentheatres.com/?

Children’s Theatre – ?www.childrenstheatre.org/?

Fitzgerald – fitzgeraldtheater.publicradio.org/

Guthrie – www.guthrietheater.org/

Ordway – ?www.ordway.org/?

Orpheum Theater – www.orpheum-theater.com/

Paramount Theatre – www.paramountarts.org/

Southern Theater – www.southerntheater.org/

Mother’s Day Next Sunday!

Mother’s Day is coming up fast.

Dinner, breakfast in bed, a nice gift, have you made your plans yet?

Think about treating mom to some nice clean carpets and upholstery!

In any case, enjoy your time with mom!


Has Spring Sprung?

Finally after several days without white stuff falling from the sky can we assume that spring is finally here?

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of warm weather!

Let’s put the last of winter behind us and start our spring cleaning both outside and inside.

This is the perfect time to get all the winter grunge out of your carpet with a fantastic cleaning job by Commercial Steam Team!

Call us today to start getting ready for summer fun!

Day Care Carpet Cleaning

It is important to have your carpets cleaned regularly in a childcare facility because of the high volume of spills, mishaps and germs. People track in all sorts of dirt and debris on their shoes which collect in the carpet, not to mention all the coughs and colds in spring and winter. Children tend to play directly on carpet when at daycare and even lay or fall asleep on carpet during story time so it is important that the carpets be clean.

A thorough steam cleaning will remove the buildup of dirt, spills, stains and germs in the carpet making it look new and smell new again.

Call Russ 952-224-7222 for a free estimate for daycare facilities in the Twin Cities.

Visit our website to see how we steam clean commercial carpets www.commercialsteamteam.com

When Should You Clean Office Carpet?

To help determine how often your carpet should be cleaned think about how many people come into your office and what your parking lot looks like. In winter the salt and chemicals can build up and get tracked in and deposited on you buildings carpet. In the spring water and dirt get tracked in during spring thaw and penetrate your carpet.

If there is an area in your carpeted office area such as a break room or café you have food spills to clean as well. A good steam cleaning can clean up all that weather brings your way!

Give us a call today for a free quote on your next commercial carpet cleaning job. Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222 of Burnsville, MN

Grease and Oil Attract Dirt on Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpets can get really greasy with high foot traffic from greasy or dirty areas. Restaurant kitchens, auto repair shops and manufacturing facilities track grease in and out from work areas. The grease is deposited on the carpet and then dirt gets tracked in and it builds up. Not only do you have grease and dirt to deal with your carpet will have developed a bad smell as well.

A regular steam cleaning by Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222 can solve that problem!

For a list of how often businesses should clean their carpets read more… https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/carpetnews/when-should-i-have-my-carpets-cleaned/

Russian Meteor Fragments?

It almost seems like an April Fools event of interstellar magnitude.

The meteor that landed in Russia is stirring up quite a lot of modern day prospectors looking for pieces of the shattered meteor. Whole families travel to the Chelyabinski region of Russia to hunt for the meteors fragments. A local homeowner at the crash site found three 1cm space stones.

The internet is running wild selling so-called Chebarkul meteorite fragments.

If you’d rather stay more down-to-earth you can call Commercial Steam Team to clean all the microscopic meteor fragments out of your carpet!

Commercial Steam Team – Your Minnesota Carpet Cleaners

We’re a family owned and family operated business here in the Twin Cities, MN

Our team is dedicated to provide you with superior service and high-quality work at an affordable price. We offer carpet cleaning for residential and commercial businesses throughout the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota.

We service all of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, most of Dakota, Anoka, and Washington Counties, and significant portions of Scott and Carver Counties. (We also do larger projects outside these areas.)

Call us today for a free quote on your carpet cleaning 952-224-7222 or learn more about us at https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/

Couch and Sofa Cleaning Minneapolis

Just as your carpet collects dust and odors, so does your furniture. The most common piece of furniture in your home that needs cleaning is your upholstered couch. Just think of how many people sit on your couch and how much use it gets. Most sofas get a funky smell from things collecting on it like dust, oils, dead skin cells, hair, and food particles.

You can fix that with our sofa and chair steam clean. Steam cleaned upholstery can smell clean and fresh again.

Give us a call today and ask us about upholstery cleaning for your furniture. Commercial Steam Clean 952-224-7222

Energy Rebates – Commercial and Residential

It’s important to take advantage of rebates when they are available for your business or home. For a current list of rebates that Excel Energy is offering go to http://www.xcelenergy.com/xe-en/Save_Money_&_Energy/Find_a_Rebate

For a list of rebates for efficient natural gas equipment from Centerpoint Minnegasco visit http://www.centerpointenergy.com/assets/promo/minnesotarebates/MN/

From the guys at Commercial Steam Team

Twin Cities Post Strong Gains in Housing Prices

An article in the February 26 edition of the Star Tribune reports that in December there was a 12% increase in the housing prices in the Twin Cities. That may be good news for people who have postponed selling their home due to a soft market. Nationally home prices peaked in 2006 and in December 2012 prices in the Twin Cities were up to the average of 2003 prices.

But is the housing slump over yet? Probably not. According to the National Association of Realtors there are less homes on the market today than the last seven years leaving a big gap in the supply of available homes.

For more information on housing prices in the Twin Cities visit The Builders Association  Of The Twin Cities.  http://www.batconline.org/

Call us to help you clean your carpets before putting your house up for sale, or to help keep your new home carpets clean!

Office Chair Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN

Did you know that office chairs can get really dusty and grimy from being used for many hours each day? As people sit in chairs at their desks they shed skin cells, hair, oils and other particles like eraser fodder. This can collect and build up on upholstered furniture like office chairs and cubicle walls. This is turn can result in bacteria retention and growth, which in turn can result in illness and lost productivity.

Having your upholstered office furniture and cubicle walls cleaned periodically will make your office smell cleaner and give your office a cleaner look.

Commercial Steam Team steam cleans carpet, chairs, sofas, and fabric cubicle walls. Give us a call for a free quote 952-224-7222

Cheap Carpet Cleaners

Many carpet companies send out flyers in the mail, ValPak or newspapers advertising a very low price. Often the deal seems too good to be true… and it is. Carpet cleaners that offer coupons for a cheap price often hit you with plenty of additional charges once they are doing the cleaning. Bargain priced carpet cleaning companies don’t do a good job because they don’t care about doing a good job.

When a carpet cleaner advertises 3 rooms cleaned for $99 and in small print (max 450 sq ft) be aware that they often make their money on extra charges and up-selling. Even in a small home 450 square feet is often no more than one or two rooms. Extra charges are charged at their discretionary price… and often these prices are not written down and come as a surprise to the customer.

Here are some of the things that cheaper carpet cleaners charge extra for:

  • Stairs
  • Hallways
  • Spots and stains
  • Larger rooms
  • Carpet protectors
  • “Heavy duty” cleaning

Commercial Steam Clean builds its business on reputation and performance. When you pick up the telephone to call us you will get a real live person that cares about everyone of its customers as if they were family. Call Commercial Steam Team today at 952-224-7222 and get a free quote.

How to Pick a Carpet Cleaning Company

When you pick a carpet company to come into your home to clean your carpet you’ll need to pick a reputable company that will give you personalized service and have good work ethics. When you are looking for a carpet cleaning company always ask for references and check out their website.

You are letting someone in your home or business so it is important to check and see what type of employees a company hires by checking them out.

At Commercial Steam Team we are family owned and operated. Our employees have been hand selected based on their personalities and work ethic. See a short video on how we treat our employees as family. 

Super Bowl 47 Info

On February 3, 2013 the NFL will host the 47th Super Bowl at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA. Coming up are the Divisional Rounds on January 12-13th. The AFC & NFC conference championships take place January 20th. Here are some links to help you plan your Super Bowl schedule:

http://www.nfl.com/news – Official NFL website

http://www.nfl.com/standings – NFL Standings

http://www.nfl.com/teams – NFL Teams

Beer Spilled on Your Carpet?

Now that we’re coming down to the football playoffs it’s inevitable that someone will spill beer on the carpet.  Whenever there is a touchdown the audience can get so excited that can send beer flying across the room. To combat the smell of beer in your carpet, sop up the beer as soon as possible with plain white paper towels. Don’t use printed paper towels as the dye can come off leaving a colored stain.

If it is a larger beer spill you may want to soak up as much of the beer as possible then mix some warm water with clear liquid dish detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Apply mixture to carpet with a sponge a little at a time and blot the spill with a clean absorbent towel each time you apply the solution.

Call Commercial Steam Team and schedule an appointment to have your carpets cleaned. Give us a call today at 952-224-7222

All Canada Show Minneapolis – Discount Tickets

If you’ve ever dreamed of going to Canada and needed resources for lodging, outfitters, hunting and resorts the Canada show is a great resource for everything Canada.

The All Canada show runs February 15-17th, 2013 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center 6155 Earle Brown Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55430.

For discount tickets visit http://www.allcanadashow.com/html/minneapolis/

How to Get Pine Needles Out of Carpet

The Holiday season may be behind us but if you had a real Christmas tree this year you may still find pine needles in your carpet. Pine needles tend to get stuck in carpet and don’t want to come out. Vacuuming pine needles does not always work but some of our customers say that a shop vac can be more powerful than your regular vac. Steam cleaning can be even better as it can soften and loosen the needles, allowing them to come loose more easily.

If you have an area that has multiple needles you can wrap a piece of duct tape around your hand and use it like a lint roller. Press down hard on the tape over the needles and it should pick them up. On last resort get down on your hands and knees and pick up any remaining needles with your fingers.

Happy New Year!

Commercial Steam Team wishes you a fantastic 2013!

Be safe tonight and enjoy welcoming in the new year!

Merry Christmas

Commercial Steam Team wishes you a merry, happy and safe Christmas!

Winter Solstice Today!

Today is the winter solstice: the shortest day of the year. In Minneapolis, that means there are 8 hours, 46 minutes, and 9 seconds between sunrise and sunset.

Just think, from now on it only gets better as the daylight get longer every day!

Mold Allergies and Carpet

Mold is present in most places indoors and outdoors and particularly grows where it can find organic food sources and in moist dark places. Carpet can hold material that mold likes to eat so it is important to keep your carpet clean.

Mold is a fungus that breaks down dead organic material. Mold lives by digesting organic plant or animal materials such as leaves, wood, paper, dirt, food and urine. It spreads by releasing mold spores in the air seeking new materials to feed on.

Carpet spills that are organic such as food, pet urine and backed up drains can cause mold to settle and feed on the organic matter making your carpet smell and stain from the fungus. Allergy sufferers need to pay particular attention to getting any spills cleaned up off of carpet immediately before the carpet fibers absorb the organic matter.

Scheduled regular carpet cleaning can help remove any built up debris and remove mold spores from your carpet.

Call us today to ask about how we can help keep your carpet mold and fungus free – Call Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222

Top 5 Germ Places

Microbiologists have identified the top 5 places in the home that have the highest number of germs.
• Dish sponges
• Kitchen Drains
• Bathroom Toilets
• Kitchen Trash Cans
• Air exhaust from a running vacuum cleaner

To prevent germs from being blown back into the air while vacuuming make sure your vacuum cleaner is working efficiently, change the bag often and schedule regular cleanings.

Give us a call if we can help with your carpet – Commercial Steam Clean 952-224-7222

Happy Hanukkah

Commercial Steam Team wishes you a happy and safe Hanukkah! For those that don’t know, Hanukkah is celebrated this year from today through the 16th.

Soil in Your Carpet?

Did you know that soil and dirt can build up underneath your carpet and padding? Most people replacing carpet find layers of dirt under their old carpet and padding. If dirt and detritus is allowed to accumulate on carpet it is ground in by simple foot traffic, and the dirt and dry organic material leaches down past the carpet fibers and into the padding below.

To prevent dirt infiltrations in your carpet have people remove their shoes, vacuum your carpet frequently and get your carpet steam cleaned at least once a year.

Please give us a call if we can schedule a thorough cleaning for you Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222

Holiday Cleanup

Holidays are a great time for family, food, and spills on your carpet.

If you need some help cleaning up the spills, give us a call at 952-224-7222 so we can help get stains out before they set, and food particles out before they encourage mold and bacteria growth.

Have a great week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Commercial Steam Team would like to extend our wishes for a warm, happy, and comforting Thanksgiving for everyone.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday, and keep us in mind if you need any pre-holiday or post-holiday cleanup!

Pet Odor Indoors

Now that the colder weather is upon us were spending more time indoors and keeping the windows closed which can make your home smell pretty stuffy. If you have an indoor pet they can shed dander, hair and oils which can accumulate in your carpet and cause odor.

Because you live in this environment every day, you probably don’t smell anything unusual, but you can count on having your visitors smell it.

To prevent the buildup of smells and odors in your carpet schedule regular steam cleanings to leave your carpet fresh and clean.

Call Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222

Carpet Trivia – Commercial Carpet Materials

How much do you know about carpet?

Besides wool and natural fiber carpet there are 3 main materials that commercial carpet is made from. Can you name them?

The 3 types of man-made carpet are:

  • Nylon
  • PET Polyester
  • Polypropylene

Read more about carpet cleaning https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/

Fall Leaves and Boot Trays

Many people think that winter and spring are the seasons that can result in the most damage to your carpet. Autumn completely falls under the radar, yet fall can set the stage for mold and mildew growth throughout the winter.

Dry fallen leaves are easily crushed by shoes and the resulting small debris and dust then get tracked indoors where they can make their home in your carpet.

If autumn leaves and decomposing material along with dirt and dust have gotten tracked into your carpet you may be providing fuel for mold and fungus growth. Your shoes can track organic material onto your carpet along with mold and setup a perfect breeding ground to feast on. To prevent material from being tracked in, remove shoes before walking on the carpet and install runners or mats at the doorway entrance to collect dirt and debris.

Boot trays are a great way to store dirty shoes to avoid getting debris and water on carpet. Boot trays come in many colors styles and prices ranging from $8 for plastic trays to $68 designer steel boot trays.

Call us today at 952-224-7222 so we can help you have a mold-free winter!

Minnesota Vikings Football – Weeks 8,9 & 10

If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan there are some exciting games coming up.

Week 8: Thursday, October 25th, 2012 – The Vikings play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a home game at The Mall of America Field.

Week 9: Sunday, November 4th, 2012 – The Vikings play against The Seattle Seahawks during an away game at CenturyLink Field.

Week 10: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 – The Vikings play against The Detroit Lions during a home game at The Mall of America Field.

Grab your purple jersey, turn on the flat screen and pass the buffalo wings!

Here is the Vikings Football schedule for the rest of the season: http://www.vikings.com/schedule/season-schedule.html

How to Clean Area Rugs

carpet runner cleaning burnsvilleThe first step in cleaning area rugs is to vacuum them to remove dirt and debris.

Small pebbles and dirt can collect under the rug so vacuum the back of the rug as well.

If your carpet has fringes or decorative edges take care not to damage the fringe as you vacuum the carpet.

If you have pets or long haired people in your household the next step is to brush the carpet with a stiff bristled brush to remove hair left by the vacuum.


With smaller rugs you can take them outdoors and shake or beat it thoroughly to remove dirt.

Please let us know if we can help you with your carpet. Give us a call at 952-224-7222

What Kind of Rug Should I Use To Protect My Home and Office?

There are many beautiful rugs that you can put in your entryway to capture dirt and moisture.

One style is the carpet runner.

Here are some of the styles of carpet runner that they have in Home Depot. These entry and stair rugs are bound on the sides and can be cut and easily rolled up and taken home in your car.

Please let us know if we can help you with your carpet. Give us a call at 952-224-7222


4 Steps to Effective Carpet Maintenance

  • Prevent Dirt from entering the building. Keeping dirt out of your building is easier than and less expensive than removing it. Place mats, rugs and runners at door ways to collect dirt from shoes before the entry doors.
  • Regular vacuuming is the most important part of carpet maintenance. Removing dirt from the surface of the carpet before it gets ground into the carpet fibers will help keep the rug from wearing out.
  • Spills and spots happen and can be cleaned up quickly preventing stains. If you have any questions about stains and what to clean them with give us a call we’d be happy to help you prevent those stains from setting.
  • Regularly scheduled cleanings can help the carpet retain appearance and improve performance by periodically deep cleaning carpet using hot water extraction steam to remove any embedded abrasive soil.

Read more about how often you should clean your carpet here: When Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Home Cleaning Tip – How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

As you cook foods grease is deposited into the air and collects on kitchen cabinets and can build up over time. The cabinets directly above the stove will be the worst as grease rises up and collects along the tops of the cabinets.

You can easily clean grease by using Murphy’s oil soap natural cleaner on wood cabinets.

Read step by step directions at ResourcefulRemodeler.com

If you have any food stains on carpet we can help. Give us a call at 952-224-7222

Cleaning Up Carpet After Kids and Pets

If you have a pet or kids you can expect accidental stains on your carpets every so often. There are many homemade remedies for pet stain removal but they don’t get down into the carpet or are ineffective in other ways, and that can leave a source for bacteria, dust mites, and other things to feed on and grow.

Isn’t it good to know your carpet can be cleaned with a hot water extraction cleaning from Commercial Steam Team!

Learn more about cleaning up after pets.

Please give us a call if you have a carpet that needs special attention 952-224-7222 Commercial Steam Team – Your Carpet Cleaning Experts in Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota!

Meet the Team at Commercial Steam Team

We provide the best service possible by offering you thoroughly trained staff, high quality equipment, superior service and a nice clean carpet!

Meet our team of skilled professionals and see how we can improve the look of your carpet. Our company has such pride in the job that they follow up with a phone call after the job to make sure that you are satisfied.

Visit our team page at https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/ and give us a call if we can be of service 952-224-7222

How Often Should You Get a Business Carpet Cleaned?

Well that depends on what type of commercial business you have and how much dirty foot traffic there is. Commercial buildings with paved parking lots tend to be cleaner than a building at the end of a dirt road with an unpaved parking lot.

For a list of business carpet cleaning schedules based on business type visit https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/carpetnews/when-should-i-have-my-carpets-cleaned/

Traveling Pet Lovers – Bring Fido Review

We’d like to share a pet travel site that has a giant database of pet friendly hotels & motels, bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals. If you are a traveling pet owner then Bring Fido is the info site for you! You can browse pet friendly destinations worldwide and find the best pet friendly places to stay, eat, play, walk and even get a groomer or other resources.




10% Off Carpet Cleaning

For our Facebook customers only – now for a limited time get 10% OFF* your carpet cleaning job with the award-winning team at Commercial Steam Team! Call us at 952-224-7222 to find out how!

*Offer expires September 4, 2012. Offer applies to carpets within our service area and must meet conditions as described when you call. Carpet cleaning must be scheduled by September 4, 2012 for a cleaning to occur no later than September 30, 2012. Limit one per customer or business. Other conditions may apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

Pet Show Minneapolis MN – March 2013

The largest Pet Expo is coming to Minnesota!
The Twin Cities Pet Expo will be held March 23-24th, 2013 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. There will be 300+ vendors, world class entertainment, demos and contests to educate and entertain you.  For more info visit http://www.twincitiespetexpo.com/
Have a fun day watching dogs and other animals compete, perform and show off!

Frisbee Golf History and Resources

We love disc golf at Commercial Steam Team so we’d love to share some disc golf facts with you.

Did you know that the Disc Golf Association was established in 1975 by Ed Headrick the guy that invented the Frisbee? The first disc golf park was opened in 1974 in Oak Grove Park, in Los Angeles, California.

There is a fascinating profile on the guy who invented disc golf and it’s history at http://discgolf.com/disc-golf-history/

Here is a blog post about our love of disc golf https://www.commercialsteamteam.com/carpetnews/2012/06/cst-loves-disc-golf/

Here are some disc golf resources:

How to play Disc Golf http://discgolf.com/how-to-play-disc-golf/

Disc Golf Association http://discgolf.com

Professional Disc Golf Association www.pdga.com/

Have a great day from Commercial Steam Team 952-224-7222


Hot Links for Football Season

August 5th started off the football pregame season with Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints at Fawcett Stadium. With football season quickly approaching you’ll find these links to the NFL’s preseason and season game schedule handy.

NFL Preseason Schedule http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2012/PRE0 August 5th

NFL Regular Season http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2012/REG1 September 5th

 Sunday Night Football http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2012/SNF September 5th

Monday Night Football http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2012/MNF September 10th

Thursday Night Football http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2012/TNF September 13th

Keep our phone number handy in case you have any football party mishaps on your carpet!  – 952-224-7222

New Carpet and Warranties

Remember when you talk with the carpet salesman that he or she is there to sell you carpet. As a result, things can go so fast that some topics may or may not get discussed, so it’s a good idea to have your questions ready and written down before you start the discussion.

If you are looking at new carpeting make sure that you read the warranty restrictions from the manufacturer. Some of the manufacturers have guidelines that if not followed will void the warranty.

Also check to see if there are any warranty guidelines regarding having your carpet cleaned by a professional. If professional cleaning guidelines must be met do you need to have the cleaning bills to prove you have met the guidelines?

There are many other guidelines to note on the warranty including high traffic areas voided such as stairs and hallways. Certain types of stain warranties are voided if they were caused by vomit, foods that contain dyes, bleach, urine, etc.

Is your carpet due for a cleaning? Give Commercial Steam Team a call 952-224-7222

Free House Repair Calculators

Just stumbled across some free calculators that help you estimate the amount of materials you’ll need for remodeling projects. Some the online calculators include carpet, ceramic tile, drywall, grass seed, insulation and paint material calculators.


Restaurants, Smell, and Trapped Grease


One of the first impressions customers get when they visit your restaurant is how your business looks and smells. If hungry customers walk through the door and can smell a heavy odor of old cooking grease build-up it is likely to subconsciously affect their whole experience and satisfaction.

In a perfect world restaurant carpets should be professionally cleaned at the frequency carpet industry leaders and carpet mills suggest. By following carpet manufacturer cleaning specifications frequently and removing grease, spilled liquids and dirt, you can make your carpet smell better and last longer.

Do you know a restaurant that could use our help? Commercial Steam Team  952-224-7222

Bathroom Products Cause Stains on Carpets

Some of the products that you use in the bathroom can cause stains in carpet that permanently change your carpets color. Be careful when using toilet bowl cleaners that contain acid or drain cleaners as these products will discolor and stain carpet. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to splash and then track contaminated liquid into the rest of your home or office.

If you use acne facial cleansers and hair dyes try to keep these away from carpets. If you’ve washed your face with acne medication and the wash cloth touches the carpet you will find that to be especially damaging.

Spilled something on your carpet that you’d like us to take a look at? Give Russ a call at 952-224-7222

Free July Weekly Workshops at Home Depot

Home Depot features weekly workshops on home improvement. Learn how to do home improvement projects from the pros through their workshops and live demonstrations. At the Burnsville Home Depot, for instance, this July’s workshops include closet and storage systems, interior paint and installing laminate flooring. Most Home Depot locations hold workshops on Saturdays and each store is different so go online and set the location of your closest Home Depot then look at the upcoming schedule of free classes.


How Long Does Carpet Last?

Carpet being sold on the market today comes in varying quality and different lifetime ratings of between 5 to 15 years.  A nylon fiber carpet will most likely have a 5-10 year warranty whereas polyester may be rated for only 5- 7 years and BCF Olefin fiber has a mere 5 year warranty.

Of course these carpet life numbers are conservative ranges. How you use and maintain your carpet can increase or decrease your carpet’s life.

Having people remove their shoes before entering your home, frequent vacuuming and an annual steam cleaning will make carpet last a lot longer than the numbers mentioned above.

Is it time for your cleaning? Give Russ a call at 952-224-7222

How to Make a New Carpet Last

You spent a lot of money on your new carpet so you’d like to protect your investment. There are two things that you can do to extend the life of your carpet. First, have a strict policy of removing shoes at the entry of your home to prevent dirt from coming indoors on the bottom of shoes. If that’s not likely to work, then at least try to make it apply on or just after rainy days.
The other thing that will make your carpet last longer is regular vacuuming. Carpet manufacturers recommend carpets get professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months depending on foot traffic and usage.
If you don’t wear your shoes in the house and if you do vacuum regularly and have your carpet cleaned annually your carpets will stay cleaner and last a lot longer.

Do your carpets or upholstery need of a cleaning? Give us a call at 952-224-7222

CST Loves Disc Golf

Saying they are passionate about disc golf just can’t describe the love that Ryan and Russ have for their favorite sport. Ryan and Russ love to compete against each other and hold bragging rights until the next face off!

Disk golf is better exercise than regular golf – the course is not flat like a golf course you have to climb and hike between holes. Each disk course is different in terrain, scenery and skill level.

Here are some of the favorite Disk Golf Courses in Three Rivers Park District:

Bryant Lake Regional Park – 18 hole course has short and long tee boxes, scenic lake views and infamous hole #17 where golfers throw their disk off a cliff to reach the basket.

Elm Creek Park Reserve – 18 hole course that follows the sledding hill and terrain portion of the park. The course features 2 par 4s, multiple signature holes and other champion caliber holes.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve – 18 hole disk tournament course at Hyland ski area has one of the best views in the twin cities. Climb up steep elevations and descend for a fun and challenging course.

For more info visit The Three Rivers Parks website http://www.threeriversparks.org/parks.aspx

Grease on Restaurant Carpet

Over time grease can build up on commercial carpets and cause an unpleasant odor that your customers will notice, even if you do not. Even if you are careful to only place carpet in specific areas your staff will unknowingly track grease from the kitchen.

Food and grease buildup under tables is also how grease builds up in carpets and it happens frequently in restaurants that regularly have teenagers and guests under 12 years old.

Having the carpet in your restaurant steam cleaned to remove stains and odor will make a huge difference in the air quality of your restaurant.
Remember, Commercial Steam Team is here for you. Call us today at 952-224-7222 and see how we can help improve the positive impact of your carpet on your overall image!

Clean Vomit from Carpet

Whether you are cleaning up vomit from carpet at home or office you have 2 types of mess to remove – sight and smell. Cleaning up vomit requires both an odor remover and a stain remover. The key is to act fast and get it cleaned up as quickly as possible because you don’t want it soaking into your carpet. Here are a few tips to help you get both.

This may sound gross but remove as much of the solid materials as possible using a dustpan or piece of thick cardboard. Get old rags or absorbent paper towels and blot up any liquid or moisture. Use a second rag over the spot and step over the cloth to absorb any more moisture.

Put down baking soda, corn starch or commercial type moisture and smell absorbent powder. Wait 15 minutes and vacuum up the powder completely. To treat the odor and stain you’ll need to use an enzyme cleaner that will break down the protein in the vomit. Enzyme cleaners are available at pet stores and in supermarkets. If you don’t have any cleaners on hand you can mix water, vinegar and soap as a temporary cleaner. Make sure you blot up all the cleaner and liquid with a clean rag, water will make the bacteria grow if you don’t remove all the moisture.

It is very important that you get all the vomit out of your carpet so there is no odor or stain, and top then remove all remaining residue so that you don’t end up with a re-occurring stain. We can help with that! Just give us a call at Commercial Steam Team and we’ll help remove the remainder 952-244-7222

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Sagging Outside Door?

Hardware that needs maintenance can cause a door to sag. Depending on how frequently your front or back door gets used your door hardware gets open, shut, and slammed. Inspect your exterior door hinges to make sure they operate properly. Quite frequently people find that the door hardware is loose, a screw is missing or the hinge is not properly aligned. If you have a squeaky door your door may need lubrication.

Get a screw driver and tighten any loose bolts and screws and lubricate hinges with oil. Make sure to wipe the excess oil up quickly so that it won’t drip and make a mess that can be tracked throughout your house.

Cleaning Your Computer Screen

Computers are delicate machines but they sure do get dirty.

To clean your computer screen, first turn off your computer and monitor.

Dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth with plain water and wring it out.

Wipe the screen with the cloth. Do not spray Windex or other sprays on the screen of your monitor.

After you clean the screen wipe down the outside of the monitor frame and then the rest of the monitor.


  • Be careful not to get water into the grooves of the monitor cabinet.
  • Never clean a monitor with alcohol, ammonia, finger nail polish remover, or other types of cleaners as they can damage the plastic.
  • NEVER use a spray dust remover to clean a monitor, especially CRT monitors which have stored electrical charges. These canned sprays are flammable and can ignite.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

One of the hardest to reach places is your ceiling fan. If you are tall enough to use a chair and a dust attachment on the vacuum cleaner it is the easiest way to remove dust and not spread it around.

If you cannot reach the blades you may have to invest in a long handled dust mop. When using a dust mop you’ll find it is less of a mess if you spread an old sheet or piece of large plastic under the area you are working to catch all the big gobs of dust that will fall from the fan blades.

Recommended cleaning is at least once a year in early spring before you start to use the fan.

Reaching Cobwebs

Spiders spin webs that collect dust and make a room look messy. You can go get yourself a fancy cobweb-removing telescope extension duster or you can make one at home that gets you into the high places to collect cobwebs.  Keeping your home free of cobweb buildup will make it cleaner and healthier to live in.  Whether you have straight walls or decorative ceilings they need cleaning at least every six months.

If you have shorter ceilings you can make a cob web cleaner by taping a thick rag over top of a broom.

For taller ceilings you can buy a cobweb duster or you can make your own rod by connect 2-3 pieces of PVC tubing and 1-2 connector tubes for the middle. You’ll have to measure your tallest ceiling and break that down into manageable pieces for storage when not using it. Duct tape a large rag on the end of the rod and change the rag often.

The cobweb cleaners sold in stores and online are usually made from poly fiber material similar to a plastic broom. Most manufactured cobweb dusters have round 8 inch heads.

Keep the cobwebs at bay by dusting as soon as you see more spider webs appear.

Kids, Recliners and Carpets

If you have kids then you know that every time you clean you find the craziest things in the most unusual places. When doing the weekly vacuuming you can find all kinds of stuff under the couch from fruit snacks to toys.

Another piece of furniture that is a collector of debris is the recliner. Not only do things drop into and through the recliner, but each time you recline you release whatever is stuck in the chair. Crayons are an extreme example of things you want to keep out of the recliner.

Over time, recliners move around quite a bit when they are in use. Anything that gets dropped into a recliner has a good chance to work its way under the frame where it can then be ground into the floor. On your weekly cleaning make sure you tip the recliner over and remove the great collection of things that have dropped down under the chair.

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Types of Carpet


Spring is here and now is the time to start planning for that new look. Selecting the right type of carpet for your lifestyle can be easy if you know a few simple facts about the types of carpet available. There are 7 main types of carpet to choose from.

  • Textured Carpet – cut pile and suitable for every room of the house.
  • Plushes – smooth, soft and thick more elegant for formal settings.
  • Friezes  – tightly twisted loose yarns for casual settings, does not show footprints.
  • Berbers – tight loop carpet with extra durability, does not show footprints or vacuum marks.
  • Loops – tight loop carpet perfect for high traffic areas as it is durable.
  • Wool – natural fiber carpet, high quality, soft and durable, naturally stain resistant.
  • Indoor/outdoor – mildew and fade resistant good for porches, pool, workshops and basements.

Most carpets are made from synthetic fibers of nylon, olefin, acrylic or polyester. Natural fiber carpets are made from wool, cotton or bamboo. Each fiber has different points that you should know when it comes to durability and absorbency of liquids and oils. Here are a few factors to weigh when making your decision:

  • Olefin & polyester fiber carpet will retain soil and stains if they are not treated promptly.
  • Sunlight may fade some types of carpet and cause it to deteriorate if not treated to resist ultraviolet rays.
  • Wool carpet will mildew if damp or soiled.
  • Synthetic carpets have different flammability ratings depending on what they are treated with.

When choosing carpet talk with your carpet store professional about the types of fibers in carpet and its strengths and weaknesses. If you have kids and pets you may also want to inquire about protective treatments.

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Protect Your Hardwood Floors

If you protect your hardwood floors from dirt, oils and water they will last longer. If you have hardwood floors you should use floor mats at each of your entry doors to collect dirt and debris from shoes. Tiny particles of dirt can scratch wood flooring and damage the finish. Place mats near any work areas such as the kitchen sink where water can splash on the floor. Floor mats without backing can cause slips but be careful when choosing mats: remember that rubber or plastic type mats can damage your floor, so it’s important to buy rugs especially made for hardwood floors.

The three most common things that leave big scratches in hardwood flooring are moving big pieces of furniture, women’s high heels, and sand and gravel beneath entry mats. Be careful when moving heavy objects across your floor to avoid scratches. By removing shoes before you enter an area with wood flooring you avoid dents and scratches made from wearing heels indoors. Finally, shake out your entry mats frequently and clean the floor beneath carefully.

To maintain your hardwood floor…

  • Sweep your floor regularly to remove dirt and dust.
  • Use a vacuum without the beater bar to get into cracks and between thresholds.
  • Clean up spills with a damp towel or sponge, minimize water spills and clean up water immediately.
  • If your floor has a urethane finish don’t use wax on it.
  • Don’t use a wet mop or use excessive water on your hardwood floor.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning your hardwood floor.

Indoor Waterparks – Fun and Swimming During Winter and Spring

It’s still a little cold outside but you can still enjoy a little swimming in Minnesota’s water parks. If you have been cooped up all winter and have cabin fever this is a great way to spend the day. Most of the indoor water parks are at hotels and resorts and require a day pass. This is a great activity for little kids as most water parks have special kiddie pools with fountains and slides. Other water parks are designed for older kids and adults and have long tube slides, floating inner tube rides, and whirl pools.

Some of the local Twin Cities water parks include:

Tropics Indoor Waterpark and Playground – St. Paul – adult $8, Youth (1-17 yrs) $7, family $28

The Grove Aquatics Waterpark – Inver Grove Heights – single $7.50, 4 person family $19.50

Safari Island Waterpark – Waconia – adult $8.75, Youth $7.75

Water Park of America – Bloomington – Prices start at $15 each

The Depot Waterpark – Minneapolis – Prices start at $20 each

Static Cling, Static Electricity and Carpet

The air is very dry and cold in winter and makes the perfect environment for static electricity to strike. You can walk across your carpet and reach for something made of metal and get a static shock.  If you come inside from the cold and remove your hat and your hair stands up straight it’s due to a positive charge of static electricity. Static electricity is the buildup of electric charge on the surface of objects like your shoes or your hair.

One of the most common tips to remove static electricity is to increase the moisture in the air with a humidifier. Here are some other great tips:

  • Touch something with a quick, solid grasp. Larger points of contact allow the charge to transfer with less current at any single point, reducing the chance for a painful shock.
  • Synthetic fibers such as polyester carry more static so try switching to natural fiber clothing such as cotton.
  • Shoes usually collect the most static so try walking barefoot on your carpet or wear leather soled shoes.
  • Avoid sliding your feet; the friction between your feet and the floor will build up a static charge in your body.
  • Try touching metal objects with the back of your hand or fore arm first to discharge the static. This is not as painful as touching things with your fingertips, which is more painful because your fingers contain more nerves.
  • Using hand lotion will put more moisture on your skin and may help cut down on static zaps when you touch objects.
  • If you get zapped every time you get out of your car try rubbing a fabric softener sheet on your car seat.
  • When petting your pet, first try a firm solid touch on its back to discharge the static without a shock.

Have some static electricity fun by rubbing a balloon in your hair for 15 seconds and sticking it on a wall. Try brushing your hair in the dark and you can watch sparks fly from your hair. Taking your wool sweater off in the dark can also provide an interesting spark light show.

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Car and Truck Carpet Protection


Salt and chemicals that melt ice and snow can leave a white ring of chemicals in your automobiles carpet and can damage the metal underneath. Ice melting salts are caustic to metal so if you let it build up in your vehicle’s carpet it can start rusting and eating away at the metal in your car or truck.

It’s a given that ice melt chemicals will get on your shoes and then be deposited in your vehicle as you drive unless you have something placed down as a barrier. A thick rubber mat with deep grooves and a lip that runs around the edge can collect the melting snow and chemicals from your feet. By collecting the chemicals and winter sludge from getting in your carpet you protect the carpeting and the metal beneath.

Remember to periodically clean the mat off as it becomes filled with melting snow, sand or ice melt crystals.

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Commercial Office Buildings and Carpet Cleaning

It is important to try and protect your commercial carpet from salt and chemicals in the winter. Corrosive chemicals get deposited in the carpet and start to damage the carpet almost immediately. To protect your entrance carpets put down large mats outside the door to first collect the salt from people’s feet then place mats inside to collect any water or additional chemicals.


Mats with loose pile texture or nubs that stick up like fingers remove more sludge than tightly packed pile mats. Make sure you have someone clean your mats as they collect dirt and sludge and a dirty mat is not as effective at collecting salt and chemicals. Regularly have your carpet steam cleaned by a professional to make it last longer.

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Minneapolis Home and Garden Show

Got cabin fever? Well get out of the cold and attend the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show from February 29th – March 4th, 2012 inside at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The Home Show will run for 5 days and feature celebrities Chip Wade of Curb Appeal on HGTV, Mark Brunetz of Clean House on Style Network , Yigit Pura Dessert Chef on BRAVO network and Sasha Andreev of Curb Appeal and Decorating Cents on HGTV.

During the Home and Garden show you can experience the latest’s trends in home, gardening, remodeling and home décor. Order tickets online and save $2 a ticket. Visit: www.homeandgardenshow.com