Carpet Styles – Cut Pile

Often called “cut loop” carpet, cut pile carpet is available under a wide range of names and brands.

Cut loop carpet is made by cutting off the tops of looped carpet. It provides a more refined loop than looped pile carpets. It also offers more options for the amount of twist in the carpet fibers.

There are different styles of cut loop carpets. Here are a few:

Textured provides a casual look, often with alternating twists of material providing a two-tone carpet. Because of this textured appearance it hides footprints and vacuum marks more readily than other styles.

Frieze carpet is tightly curled due to the extreme twisting of the fibers.

Saxony offers a refined look for traditional interiors.

Plush is dense and luxurious, but readily shows footprints and vacuum marks.

Textured Plush provides the benefits of textured carpet to the luxurious feel of plush.

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