Kitchen Carpet Solution

Most people do not put carpeting in the kitchen because of spills. Kitchens have airborne grease and cooking smells that absorb in the carpet. Most things like spilled milk, broken eggs, grease, sauces, condiments and beverages are hard to get out of carpet and in some cases can actually destroy part of the carpet.

There are alternatives for people who still would like carpet in their kitchen.

Traditionally carpet is installed in one big piece so, when you have a stain it’s with you until you replace the carpet. A better option may be to use modular carpet tiles which are 18” to 24” square. If you get a stain in your kitchen carpet just replace a small section.  Square carpet tiles are easy to install and the edges blend in seamlessly. The smaller tiles are easier to transport in your car and to keep in storage until you need them.  Remember to buy extra tiles and store them so you have them whenever you need to replace a small section of carpet.