Tips for Reducing Minnesota Allergy Symptoms

Allergens are everywhere in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota. These Allergens can be nearly impossible to avoid on a daily basis.  However, you can greatly reduce the volume of allergens you breathe in within your home.  The majority of allergens that we breathe every day reside in the carpet and upholstery in our homes.

Tip 1:  Clean your furnace filter regularly.

Tip 2:  Run your furnace fan on the “on” setting instead of “auto”.

Tip 3:  Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean and deodorize the carpet.

Tip 4:  Have your upholstery professionally cleaned and deodorized.

Tip 5:  Have your Mattress professionally cleaned and deodorized.

Please note: You will want to have your carpets, upholstery, and mattress cleaned by a professional company using a truck mounted direct drive hot-water extraction cleaning system.  You will still come in contact with some allergens, but the less you breathe in, the lesser your symptoms will often be.