Carpet Materials – Acrylic

If you’re looking for a carpet that looks and feels like wool but is less expensive, you may want to consider acrylic carpet. Popular in the 1960’s, acrylic was marketed as a wool substitute and can be used for family rooms, recreation rooms, and finished basements. It is springy like wool and feels luxurious.

Acrylic carpet is moisture-resistant and fade-resistant and resists stains, soiling and mildew. It also resists static which can be a benefit in rooms with computers or other electronics.

On the other hand, acrylic is less durable than wool. It is easily stained by grease and oil. The fibers have a tendency to deteriorate resulting in pilling and a “fuzzy” appearance. These drawbacks make it most useful in low-traffic areas.

Acrylic is often blended with some degree of wool. You may see it with brand names such as Creslan, Acrilon, and Orlon.

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