Party Survival Plan for Carpeting

If you are planning a party and you’re worried about your new carpet, one of the best protections is to have a plan.

Let’s face it, people spill things when you serve food or beverages at a party so the best solution is to be ready if a spill happens.

Here are some ideas to plan for in you Spill Recovery Plan:

  • Prevent messier food spills by serving foods that are lighter and non staining
  • Prevent spills by using thicker plates so they do not bend
  • Provide sit down seating near food buffet to encourage people to sit down and eat
  • Place rugs and runners near high-spill areas such as tables
  • Use clear or lighter colored beverages for children
  • If you use candles make sure they are placed on a stable surface
  • Have a spray bottle of water and some rags handy in case there is a spill and tackle it quickly

By developing a plan for your party you can enjoy your party even more because it takes the worry off your mind.