Choosing the Right Color for Your New Carpet

This article on carpet colors begins our Choosing Your Carpet series. In the weeks ahead we will cover carpet materials, types of carpet, padding, and many other important topics to help you find the right carpet to install in your home.

We have a few tips for you when planning your new carpet that can help you get the perfect carpet for you.

Of course, an important considerations is color. Aside from picking a color you like, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • If you’re planning to sell soon, then you may wish to choose a neutral color. It’s easier for people to visualize their furniture and style with a neutral carpet.
  • Do you like to redesign your decorating frequently? The neutral colors are the way to go. You’ll find it much easier to change furniture and accent pieces with a less polarized neutral color.
  • Carpet often (but not always) looks lighter when installed than it does in the store. Types of lighting, lighting orientation, volume of visible carpet, wall colors, space size, and much more can affect this. Keep this in mind when trying to match color depth and lightness.
  • Darker carpet can make a room feel smaller, while lighter can enhance a sense of openness and space. Do you want cozy or more space? Coming back to preparing to sell, buyers may not see the same ideas that you have in mind, so it may be better to give an impression of a larger room with lighter carpet.

Enjoy your new carpet, and when it’s time to clean and protect carpet, come to Commercial Steam Team. We know carpet!