Watch Your Footing

It may seem silly to take precautions before going out the door on your way to the car but it can be more important to be careful at this time than at almost any other.

When you go outside your shoes or boots have been indoors and are warmer than the temperature outside. This means that the warmer material of your footwear can melt a very thin layer of ice or snow when you walk. This layer of water between the snow or ice and your shoes then acts like grease, allowing your feet to slide over the snow or ice and making each step into a slick balancing act.

Make sure when going outside you use handrails on walkways and take it slow going over ice patches. When choosing footwear for outside use boots or shoes with good tread. Flat soled footwear surfaces do not grip and are more slippery than treads.

Even when your shoes are already cold, remember that ice melt helps break up ice around entryways, sidewalks and driveways and can sometimes be slippery as well.

Before you go outside be aware that ice and snow may be hazardous and watch your footing.

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