Commercial Steam Team In Your Home

Did you know the Commercial Steam Team also cleans homes?  Many people don’t know this.  In fact if you don’t work at one of the many businesses they clean, you might not even know they exist.  The Commercial Steam Team has been cleaning for some of the dirtiest companies in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota for years.  Also cleaning the homes of the employees and owners of these businesses.

Already the leader in commercial carpet cleaning, from greasy restaurants to oily trucking companies, no one has had more success on the toughest, dirtiest jobs around.  Without advertising, business has grown for the Commercial Steam Team through this tough economy while the rest of the industry is down significantly.  This is because of the unheard of quality provided by the well trained carpet cleaning professionals in our employment.

In the last 2 years, the Commercial Steam Team only had to return to 23 out of 1814 jobs (every one of those clients is still a very happy client).  This amazingly low call back rate is in spite of calling every single client a week after cleaning and offering to go back if they have any concerns at all.  This is unheard of professionalism in our industry, as residential companies are not held to the same standards as those of us who clean the carpets for fortune 500 companies.

Businesses often clean on a schedule, sometimes multiple times a year and they don’t want to have re-occurring headaches each time the carpet needs cleaning.  The Commercial Steam Team has perfected our carpet cleaning methods and hires only the very best clean cut people.  With profit sharing and generous bonuses for customer satisfaction, Commercial Steam Team employees have kept even the most hardnosed managers happy for years.  Now this same commercial strength equipment and professionalism is available for residential clients.

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