Reaching Cobwebs

Spiders spin webs that collect dust and make a room look messy. You can go get yourself a fancy cobweb-removing telescope extension duster or you can make one at home that gets you into the high places to collect cobwebs.  Keeping your home free of cobweb buildup will make it cleaner and healthier to live in.  Whether you have straight walls or decorative ceilings they need cleaning at least every six months.

If you have shorter ceilings you can make a cob web cleaner by taping a thick rag over top of a broom.

For taller ceilings you can buy a cobweb duster or you can make your own rod by connect 2-3 pieces of PVC tubing and 1-2 connector tubes for the middle. You’ll have to measure your tallest ceiling and break that down into manageable pieces for storage when not using it. Duct tape a large rag on the end of the rod and change the rag often.

The cobweb cleaners sold in stores and online are usually made from poly fiber material similar to a plastic broom. Most manufactured cobweb dusters have round 8 inch heads.

Keep the cobwebs at bay by dusting as soon as you see more spider webs appear.