Commercial Steam Team Encapsulating Spot Remover

The Commercial Steam Team introduces our encapsulating spot remover.  We have been using an encapsulation spot remover both at our jobs and as gifts and products for our clients for about 4 years.  We kept it under wraps without announcing our use of it online in our blogs because we always make sure to test everything we use long term to make sure that it works properly.  First we research it. Then we use it in our own homes.  After that we use it ourselves on jobs.  Finally we give it as gifts to our clients.  Now that our clients have been raving about it for years we decided to mention it here in our blog and offer anyone who mentions this a free bottle of our encapsulating spot remover when we clean the carpets at their business or home here in the Twin Cities area.

As the foremost experts in commercial carpet cleaning, we take pride in making sure that everything we use is non-toxic, bio-degradable and hypoallergenic.

Lots of people have problems with dogs peeing or marking their furniture.  My rascally dog “Buddy” is no exception.  To make it worse his urine is bright yellow.  I can’t bring the van home to Rosemount from Burnsville every weekend, so I was so glad to discover that this encapsulation spotter took care of all of his mistakes for me.  One of my employees, Steve, cleaned up the powdered toner that his brother-in-law spilled under their desk chair and forgot to tell him about.  He was amazed too.

The way it works is the easiest thing I have ever come across.  Simply blot first (always blot first before any cleaning method to remove excess spill liquid).  Then just spray the encapsulating spot remover directly on the spot.  Use something to work in the spotter into the fibers.  You can use the bottom of the bottle or even your fingertips.  You can use a towel but if you rub too hard you will cause damage to the fibers.  Also, always use a white towel, or dye transfer is always a possibility with any method.

After this you just wait until the carpet dries completely.  With some spills, it will already appear to be gone and others will not.  The next step after the carpet is dry is to vacuum the carpet with your vacuum cleaner.  I just wait until I’m vacuuming anyway.  It is amazing how often this works.  I have had and heard of great results on coffee, sticky residues, pop spills, animal urine.  This is also the safest method to start with and it can be repeated if it doesn’t completely work the first time.