Dents in Carpet Under Furniture

If you’ve just moved your furniture you will notice dents in the carpet where heavy furniture legs compressed the fibers. You can fluff up the dents in carpets by using a steam iron or a steam cleaner. If you are using an iron don’t touch the carpet with the iron, simply hold the iron so the steam penetrates into your carpet. Fluff up the wet carpet with your fingers. If you place furniture back on wet carpet it may leave a stain of rust from the furniture leg. Remember to let carpet dry before placing any furniture back onto the carpet.

The best trick for removing dents in carpet is to place a small ice cube in each dent and let it melt overnight. Of course, too much moisture wicking deep into your carpet may result in ideal conditions for mold growth, so don’t do this with larger dents.

Of course, you could also simply schedule your next carpet cleaning with Commercial Steam Team by calling us at 952-224-7222 and let us take care of smoothing and cleaning your carpet at the same time!

Commercial Steam Team uses steam cleaning to clean carpets and places leg protectors under your furniture until the carpet is dry.