Carpet Materials – Nylon

Looking at new carpet for your home?

Nylon carpet is the most common form of carpet in American homes today. This synthetic fabric is resilient, durable and stands up well in high traffic areas. Because nylon is the hardest synthetic carpet fiber it resists wear and abrasion.  This makes it a great choice for entryways, living rooms, and finished basements, yet it shows well and is an excellent carpet for sunny areas, particularly with solution-dyed nylon which is colorfast.

Nylon carpet also holds its twist, (this is called yarn memory) so it won’t begin to look ‘frizzy’ for quite some time if ever. It’s both stain-resistant and crush-resistant, and is available in a wide range of colors, making it generally easy to match to your look you want for your home in general or for specific rooms.

Nylon carpet is also available unbranded. Unbranded carpets generally have less robust guarantees and warranties but still offer you the value and benefits of nylon carpet. Unbranded carpets are often selected by people planning to sell their home soon.

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