Carpet in Minnesota

Northern climates harbor some special challenges for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Minnesota is a case in point. Ask any commercial carpet cleaner in MN and they can tell you there is one big surge every year, and that’s in the spring as snow melts and the weather warms. This is natural given the extreme cold of the winter; most people don’t want to think about contracting or subcontracting commercial carpet cleaning in the middle of the winter, and the underlying thought is that the snow protects feet from mud, grease, and grime.

Following this approach can have serious consequences! As any Minnesotan knows, road sludge and salt is everywhere in the winter. What you may not know is that a lot of that sludge is relatively invisible in small amounts, and gets tracked in on the shoes of everyone. What’s more important however is that the longer chemicals sit in your carpet the more they can chemically bind to the fabric of your carpet. Some of these chemicals can permanently alter the color of your carpet to the point where even the most highly qualified professional carpet cleaning will not remove all of the stain.

Steam Cleaning Versus Dry Cleaning Carpet

If you have computers in your workspace or your home, as almost everyone does, the problem can be even more complex. The dust from magnesium chloride, one of the road de-icing agents used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, has been cited in articles by the USDA and Electric Co-op Today as well as by the Colorado Motor Carriers Association as a cause of electrical arcing on electrical systems and wiring failures on trucks.

In home and office environments this chemical and others can be tracked in on shoes. Vacuum cleaners then blow the dust into the air where it can settle on electrical components or be sucked in by computer fans, potentially causing failure.

Another de-icing chemical, potassium acetate, has been cited by the MI Department of Environmental Quality, which states in a report, “dust/air mixtures may ignite or explode”. The same report sates “Extremely large doses may cause gastrointestinal
disturbances. Other symptoms may include increased urination and hyperkalemia.”

A similar problem that can cause damage to critical computer components is static electricity. Static builds due to the friction between shoes and carpet as well as between fibers of the carpet itself. This can result in dangerous discharges that damage sensitive computing equipment.

What is the solution? Affordable carpet steam cleaning services from Commercial Steam Team, your residential and commercial carpet cleaner in Minnesota! Our hot water extraction method avoids blowing dust into the air. Instead it liquefies the chemicals and extracts them with no air contamination. This means better health for you and fewer hazards for your equipment and the people in your space.

Better yet, our carpet protector actually reduces static buildup with carpets. We actually have clients that call us for carpet cleaning and protection due to the buildup of static electricity during the dry weather of winter. The potential savings in equipment and lost time and data can be significant.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

When you’re comparing carpet cleaning companies, don’t be taken in by janitorial services and fly-by-night operations. If they’re not using a hot water extraction method to clean your carpet, you’re potentially placing your employees or your family’s health and your electrical equipment in harm’s way. Carpet cleaning in Minnesota faces some unique challenges that can be handled by the professionals at Commercial Steam Team!

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Our commercial carpet cleaning rates are very reasonable. Unlike some other Minnesota carpet cleaners, we are not a union shop and we do not have expensive advertisements and overhead. Nor do we have the overhead of franchise fees, another savings that we can pass on to our clients.

Commercial Steam Team is family owned and managed, and when you call us, you talk to a real person. If someone is not available to immediately take your call, we will call back as soon as possible. Our employees all come highly recommended, are personally selected from referrals, are college educated, and go through a background check prior to being hired. Each follows a strong code of ethics so you can rely on us to get the job done right. In fact, some of our clients regularly trust us around highly sensitive documents and even military weapons systems.

If you manage facilities for a business we know that it’s critical that the job be done right, that we show up on time, and that we clean up after ourselves and leave nothing disturbed. If you’re on site you’ll see that we show up on time and do a great job. If you’re not on site, all you’ll see are clean carpets. Our goal is that you have a safe, reliable experience with no complaints from anyone.

As a family-owned business we know that if you’re a homeowner you want safe reliable people that you can trust around your house and family, that do the job right and on time, are courteous and responsible, and that clean up well. That’s why many of our clients have been known to immediately go tell their neighbors about the great job we did.

“Commercial Steam Team has been taking care of our carpets since we opened our facility. We appreciate the efficient, quality care that the team provides. The people are responsive and friendly, making sure to make us aware of what we can do to maintain our carpets for the long haul. Our carpets are 5 years old and receive a good deal of traffic, but they look brand new to us! “

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Blaine MN 55449
Executive Director, Heidi Arnson

Minnesota Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you’re looking to get your carpet clean in the Twin Cities you should keep some points in mind:

  1. Use hot water extraction carpet cleaning instead of dry carpet cleaning for the greatest health benefits.
  2. Steam clean carpets every month during winter months to avoid chemical buildup.
  3. Clean spills immediately, preferably before they dry, to minimize chemical bonding with the fabric of your carpet.
  4. Blot spills, do not scrub them, in order to prevent forcing the stain deeper.
  5. Call Commercial Steam Team for a commercial steam clean that cleans and brightens!

Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota

Commercial Steam Team cleans carpets throughout the entire Twin Cities MN metro area. Here is a sampling of some of the Minnesota communities that we serve:

Carpet Cleaning Locations:

Apple Valley 55124
Blaine 55014 55343 55449
Bloomington 55420 55425 55431 55435 55437 55438
Brooklyn Center 55428 55429 55430 55443 55444
Burnsville 55306 55337
Coon Rapids 55433 55448
Cottage Grove 55016
Eagan 55121 55122 55123
Eden Prairie 55344 55346 55347
Edina 55410 55416 55423 55424 55435 55436 55439
Minneapolis 5541x 5542x 5543x 5544x 5545x 5546x
Minnetonka 55305 55343 55345
Plymouth 55441 55442 55446 55447
Roseville 55113 55126
St Paul 5510x 5511x 55120 55121 55122 55123 55124 55125
Stillwater 55082
Woodbury 55125 55129

We serve each of these communities and everywhere in between. From Farmington to Forest Lake, from Stillwater to Shorewood, if you don’t see your city or zip code listed, don’t despair! Call us at 952-224-7222; we’ll be happy to come out and look at your project!

Note: Zip codes with an “x” mean that all numbers 0-9 apply, so 5541x would mean 55410 through 55419.

So if you’d like to work with a family-owned Minnesota commercial carpet cleaning company that can do a great professional job on time for a great price, call Commercial Steam Team at 952-224-7222 today and see your carpets sparkle!