Cleaning Up After Pets

Pets are often a source of comfort in our lives, but on occasion that comfort can turn into a trial as well. We are often asked from both residential owners and commercial building managers to make sure that we get the pet urine or pet odor out of the carpet or how to clean dog vomit from the carpet.

When animals get stressed or ill sometimes things can happen. After you take care of the immediate problem you’re faced with removing cat urine in carpets or even pet stains from feces and urine.

Homemade Remedies For Pet Stain Removal

Store-bought or homemade remedies for pet stain removal are often substandard because they don’t penetrate deeply enough or are ineffective in other ways. Cleaning pet urine from carpet using these tools can be a long frustrating process.

Even when you think the problem has been fixed, in a few days the smell is magically back. That’s because the cleaning effect of scrubbing does not penetrate into the carpet padding, and in fact makes the problem worse by forcing the urine further down into the carpet.

To remove pet urine smell you have penetrate into the carpet without driving the problem deeper.

Eventually after several carpet cleaning attempts using different products you may find a combination that appears to work, but even here there can be problems. Forcing the urine so deep into the carpet that you cannot smell it as strongly can actually cause more problems. This is because some of the urine still remains, encouraging the growth of bacteria. Later when you vacuum you then blow these germs into the air.

In addition, the chemicals used to “clean” the stain out can themselves remain in the carpet. If not removed, these chemicals often bond with dirt, creating further stains in your carpet.

Green Tips For Cleaning Up After Pets

The solution is a deep cleaning with an environmentally friendly hot water extraction cleaning from Commercial Steam Team. If you want to know how to clean pet urine and pet odor out of a carpet, this is it. In fact, if you’re looking for green tips for cleaning up after pets, this method is one of the most friendly.

All of our cleaning agents are biodegradable and hypoallergenic as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheets on every product. In fact, the water used by Commercial Steam Team for carpet cleaning is so safe that you could take a bath in it.

Follow your cleaning with our carpet protection and we’ll apply our carpet deodorizer for free! This remarkable product continues to work for days, penetrating deep into your carpet to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. It then disappears, leaving behind the smell of clean.

Aside from the antibacterial effect we have a more concrete measure of how much of an impact the protector and deodorizer have. It’s our happy clients. Our happiest clients are the ones that protect and deodorize their carpets, and as many as 75% of our clients do both.

Hi Russ! Just a note to say thank you – The guys you sent over were very nice and professional, and the carpets look and smell great!! Thanks much.

Pet Owner


Carpet Cleaning And Bugs

We have one more topic about pets and carpets that you may want to consider. Pets often have their own little hangers-on, and when fleas, ticks, and other little critters find their way into a building bugs often find their way into carpets, where some of them can lay eggs. These eggs later hatch, bringing a fresh wave of problems.

Commercial Steam Team uses a powerful direct-drive carpet cleaning machine that heats the water to 270 degrees before it gets pumped into the carpet. This is hot enough to cook fleas and ticks and their eggs. When the water is then extracted the dead bugs come out of the carpet and into our holding tank, which does -not- get re-used. You could say that hot water extraction carpet cleaning and bugs don’t get along.

So if you have a pet urine or pet odor problem and you’re tired of searching for homemade remedies for pet stain removal that don’t work, or you’d like your carpet cleaned of mites, mold, dirt, and stains, call Commercial Steam Team at 952-224-7222. We’ll show up on time, do a professional steam cleaning, and leave your carpet fresh and clean!

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