Stain Removal

Carpet stains and odors are like a bad penny; they always seem to keep coming back. Break the cycle of returning stains by using the professional carpet cleaning team at Commercial Steam Team to professionally remove the chemicals, stains, and odors from your carpet. We specialize in stain removal, odor removal, and the extraction of built up chemicals and contaminants from your carpet.

Do you have a pet urine stain in your carpet? How about ink removal from carpeting, or for that matter even grease? Carpet stains can be tough, which is why Commercial Steam Team is your deal on wheels for St Paul and Minneapolis MN house cleaning for carpets and upholstery!


Tips and Info on Cleaning Carpet

Did you know that when chemicals are used to clean carpet that much of the chemicals remain behind? Some experts say that 75% or more of the chemical can stay in the carpet. This results in built up chemical residue over time.

This buildup can have serious results. Most chemicals work by joining with the dirt in the carpet so that you can remove both the chemical and the dirt. Unfortunately, when chemicals are left behind they keep right on joining with dirt, and when they dry on they can become even harder to remove than the dirt itself. This means that the chemicals can actually hold dirt in your carpet, resisting vacuuming and carpet sweeping efforts. The result can be that your carpet is actually dirtier over time.


How to Clean Carpeting

Commercial Steam Team breaks this cycle by using deep cleaning, otherwise known as ‘steam’ cleaning, or hot water extraction cleaning. In this process high pressure hot water and cleaning materials are injected into your carpet and immediately removed.

The temperature of the water causes the breakdown of chemical and stain compounds so that they can be removed. This results in some steam, but you should know that the steam is not doing the work. This is important to know with at-home carpet stain removal because too much heat is not good, and some retail steamer products can damage or destroy your carpet. Even the best carpet steam cleaners can cause problems unless you have a professional carpet cleaner using the equipment.

Our professionals use water at exactly the right temperature to remove contaminants while preserving the integrity of your carpet.


Pet Stain Resistant Carpet

In spite of your best efforts, stains can happen. One step that can help minimize this impact is to apply protective products to your carpet. We recommend using a professional grade carpet protector, such as Teflon® Advanced, offered by Commercial Steam Team. This will shield your carpet from much of the impact of many stains and allow the removal of the stain more easily. This can transform ink removal from carpeting or cleaning pet urine from carpet into a much simpler and more rewarding task.


Carpet Stain Removal

It is important to address carpet stain removal as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

  • If possible, remove any excess contaminant with a spoon or a dull knife.
  • Follow that by using a tested and approved spot removal product.
  • If you have not previously tested the product that you have, do so in a spot not easily seen before applying it to the new stain. If blotting the spot with a white paper towel results in the carpet color appearing on the towel, do not use the product.
  • Apply the cleanser to a cloth or a white paper towel and blot the stain, do not scrub it. Scrubbing can actually help the stain spread.
  • Rinse with clean water, blot the excess moisture, and place several white paper towels or a cloth towel down to absorb the excess liquid. Place a heavy weight on top to force the towel into contact with the carpet pad.
  • Call Commercial Steam Team if a chemical causes the stain, if it is not coming out, or if the problem is with removing old stains. We may have a solution that you can try yourself, and we can quickly respond to emergencies.

Some of the most common stains are caused by red wine, ink, fruit juice, blood, hair dye, vomit, and mustard. If you are a pet owner, finding a pet urine or feces stain in carpet may also be not all that uncommon.


Pet Odor Removal

This brings up another topic, which is that of carpet odor removal. Odors from a carpet can permeate a room, and if not addressed promptly, may contaminate curtains, clothing, bedding, and other materials. Use of many pet deodorizers and carpet deodorizers can result in chemical buildup in your carpet, which may result in unpleasant side effects. Commercial Steam Team has helped many homeowners with similar problems, and we would be delighted to solve such problems for you.


Carpet Is An Asset

Carpet is a valuable benefit to your home. In addition to the comfort and appearance, it has other benefits. Carpet is a sink for allergy-causing substances, dust, and contaminants. This means that, rather than having these items constantly circulated and recombined with the air as occurs with hard flooring, they are extracted and held in the carpet until you clean, keeping them out of the air and out of your lungs. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown how effective carpet can be at reducing the volume of airborne particles.

It is important to preserve this asset. Properly maintaining your carpet can result in a much longer lifespan for your carpet. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet cleaned at least twice annually using a professional with hot water extraction cleaning, such as that offered by Commercial Steam Team. They choose that method due to its reliability and safety. In fact, use of other in-depth cleaning methods may void your warranty.

Call Commercial Steam Team at 952-224-7222 for courteous, reliable, trustworthy, and timely service throughout the Twin Cities MN metro area.

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the experts at Commercial Steam Team for the outstanding job that you did on our carpet at the Northfield Golf Club.

The club had been considering replacing the carpet because of the various stains, traffic wear pattern, and tough look of the carpet. After consulting with Commercial Stream Team your experts convinced us that the carpet was in good shape and a cleaning would really revive the look. It had been over three years since the carpet had been cleaned.

I was amazed; it was like we had new carpet. The stains that appeared so ingrained in the carpet were gone, the traffic areas were gone, and the color had reappeared. Not only was I extremely impressed with the job that had been done but this was a very busy time at the golf course and your staff came to the golf club late after hours to accommodate our dining and golf schedule.

Northfield Golf Club was ready to spend thousands of dollars to replace the carpet. Commercial Steam Team saved us time, money, and the headache of replacing the carpet. I have recommended you and your services to other business in town. Thank you again.

Northfield Golf Club
Northfield MN 55057
General Manager
Mike Luckraft