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Comparing carpet cleaning companies can be challenging, and it boils down to more than just commercial carpet cleaning rates. Professional carpet cleaning means the company shows up on time with a highly professional appearance, disturbs nothing, and does a high-quality professional cleaning. You don’t want a commercial carpet cleaning company that gets noticed; you want one whose cleaning job gets noticed, and in a good way. You want invisible perfection.

Commercial Steam Team crews are trained to be as close to invisible as possible. As a result, our clients trust us in highly sensitive environments with extremely sensitive information and equipment. We show up quietly, do our jobs in a quiet professional manner, and leave behind a sparkling clean environment!

Whether you are directly contracting with a carpet steamer company, or are subcontracting commercial carpet cleaning, the professionalism of the carpet and upholstery cleaning contractor is critical. At Commercial Steam Team, our commercial carpet cleaning teams are trained to believe that you are the most important person on site; and that your job should be as pleasant as possible.

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Comparing Twin Cities Carpet Cleaning Companies

When you are comparing carpet cleaning companies, our commercial carpet cleaning rates are among the best. That’s due to several factors, not the least of which is that our highly trained professional staff is non-union. We also are not a franchise, and thus we do not need to pay franchise fees back to a parent company.

Particularly during the winter, chemical buildup in carpets can result in damage to computer electronics, especially if you are dry vacuuming and health hazards to employees. De-icing compounds such as magnesium chloride can contribute to computer malfunctions and potassium acetate can incite gastrointestinal issues and hyperkalemia.

In addition, the longer that chemicals sit in your carpet the more likely they are to bond with fibers in the carpet or with other chemicals. In some cases this may result in permanent damage to your carpet.

Regardless of season, other issues can come into play year-round. If your company allows pets into the facility you may need a commercial carpet cleaner to remove pet stains before they become ground in or scrubbed into the carpet. Even if your environment is pet free, dog feces and other undesirable items can still be tracked in on the shoes of employees and visitors, resulting in unsightly stains, unpleasant odors, and the growth of bacteria.

A good year-round carpet maintenance program can be a cost-effective way to help alleviate these problems and increase the life of your carpets.

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McCormick Computer Resale feels very fortunate to have discovered Commercial Steam Team. Their services have been outstanding in the past 3 years.

Commercial Steam Team’s state of the art equipment and quality of cleaning is breathtaking. Their schedule flexibility is very accommodating to meet your needs along with competitive pricing.

COURTEOUS, STRONG AND TRUSTWORTHY, is another way to define their business.

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