The Benefits of Redoing a Carpet Cleaning Job

The Benefits of Redoing a Carpet Cleaning Job: Most people seem to think that needing to redo a job is something to be avoided at all costs. If a business has a culture of substandard work, I can see how that perception might exist. If on the other hand you have the attitude that a redo is a tool to help you isolate and fix problems, then a redo suddenly becomes something to embrace.

It is this approach that has resulted in a huge benefit to Commercial Steam Team. Last year our total number of redo’s was only 1.25%, and that is after asking every single client about the jobs that we did and scheduling a redo every time the client was not completely satisfied. Overwhelmingly, those same clients were happy with the redo and the fact that we care about our clients and the job we do for them.

The key steps to making sure that this is done as a benefit are:

  • Scheduling a timely quality control call for every job
  • Remembering that the client’s satisfaction is key
  • Ensuring that your team understands and has incentive to do a great job
  • Reward great work

In addition to ensuring that our clients are always happy with the work that we do, quality control calls and any associated redo’s show up other problems that might not appear any other way.

For instance, small changes from procedure can eventually become much larger changes that can have a negative impact on a job and the client. Catching such issues early heads these issues off before they become habit.

Equipment problems may not show up during the job. For instance, slow drying times, residue, or stains resurfacing can be a indicator of an equipment malfunction that may worsen over time, but are not problems that will show up until later unless the problem is major. A quality control call will usually turn up such issues early so they can be corrected immediately.

In cases like these a redo is actually welcome because without the matter coming to our attention right away, several clients could be unhappy without us even knowing.

The result of this is happier clients, loyal clients, a finely-tuned team, and another banner year for Commercial Steam Team.

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